Why independent mortgage advice?

Proper mortgage advice involves more than just the lowest interest rate. Freek Hypotheek is completely independent. They compare mortgages, interest rates and conditions of practically all providers independently. They focus on your personal situation and future plans and use this as a departure point. This way, they’ll find a mortgage that matches your income and your new home. Freek Hypotheek equals affordable, responsible monthly mortgage payments and conditions that fit your personal situation. Both now and in the future.

Buying a house? Let Freek take care of your mortgage

Your requirements change. You want to stay in control and obtain mortgage advice without the hassle, when it suits you and from a professional. Instead of a barrier in the form of a counter, you expect a sincere and personal approach from your mortgage consultant. Someone who quickly clarifies the possibilities for your mortgage.

Mortgages: Freek does it differently

Hunting house sites, actually viewing houses: until you have found the perfect home. Sooner or later, the inevitable moment comes when you have to look at the finances. But where do you start? And how do you ensure that your mortgage remains up-to-date, even after it has been taken out? Freek guides home buyers from the initial orientation online up to the last repayment obligation. All this while remaining friendly and personal. This means that Freek actively maintains contact with its customers throughout the mortgage term. And that is a completely new approach in the world of mortgages.

Online and personal

We are Freek, new mortgage consultants who truly continue to provide mortgages for their clients. We offer a high-quality, personalised service, both online and offline. Fast. Easy. Transparent. Freek provides assistance and advice for a period of 30 years, in your search for your dream home and finding the right financing for it, until your mortgage has been repaid.

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