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14-03-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
05-03-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Where hospitality and interiors come together
As soon as you drive towards the Paleiskwartier from the A2 motorway, you immediately recognise the lifestyle hotel The Den. Located 3 kilometres from the Bossche Real Estate Office of vb&t Makelaars ...
12-02-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Buyers: discover opportunities in the housing market
Listing the benefits for first-time buyers and those moving on. This positive message highlights the opportunities available to buyers right now. The market is coming to you, but in what ways?
08-02-2023 Rik
What all should you insure when buying a house?
Some of these insurances are even mandatory. But which insurances are important to take out?
24-01-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Tips: how does your property stand out to potential buyers?
Wondering how to make your property even more attractive to potential buyers? Then make sure you make small improvements ...
24-01-2023 Rik
Shapes in the dining area
Dining corners come in all shapes and sizes.
23-01-2023 Rik
Portuguese laurel hedge straight from the nursery
Are you already familiar with the Portuguese laurel? This plant is a wonderful addition to your garden.
22-01-2023 Rik
What to look out for when buying window coverings?
Window coverings come in many shapes and sizes.
18-01-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Why buy now?
17-01-2023 Rik
Useful tips to optimally light a room and create a cosy atmosphere
Do you ever walk into a room and immediately feel a cosy atmosphere?
17-01-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Heating your home with underfloor heating
Are you wondering how to save on underfloor heating as current energy prices rise? How does this work if you have underfloor heating?
10-01-2023 Rik
Here's what you need to think about when taking out a mortgage
Read here what else you all need to consider when taking out your mortgage!
07-01-2023 Rik
Estate agents and SEO: a golden combination
Since the advent of the internet, the digital landscape has become faster and more efficient. This is partly thanks to SEO optimisation.
31-12-2022 Rik
What does an appraiser pay attention to?
Have you ever wondered what it takes to appraise a house?
28-12-2022 Rik
How to find the perfect sofa for your new home?
Nothing beats sitting back on a brand new sofa in your own home.
27-12-2022 Rik
Tips for decorating your new home
We lend a hand with some tips for decorating your new home.
26-12-2022 Rik
How to choose bathroom furniture that fits your space perfectly!
Are you looking for some extra luxury in your bathroom?
25-12-2022 Rik
Featured: the biggest turn-offs at viewings
As a homeowner, you naturally want to capture the highest amount possible when you want to put your house up for sale.
25-12-2022 Rik
What to do about too high a WOZ value?
Read on to find out what you can do about an excessive WOZ value.
24-12-2022 Rik
Helpful tips when hiring a real estate agent
With the housing shortage, people are anxious to get housing.
23-12-2022 Rik
Consider these value enhancers before you sell your home!
Did you know that you can still boost the value of your home in a fairly simple way?
23-12-2022 Rik
The pros and cons of investing in real estate
We are happy to list the pros and cons of investing in real estate for you.
22-12-2022 Rik
These are the 6 accessories you should always have at home for when you go out
After all, you want to be prepared for anything in terms of weather conditions.
21-12-2022 Rik
These are 7 things you can do to create a sustainable household
The Dutch household has changed a lot over the years.
20-12-2022 Rik
Property deed of a house: what does it say?
Find out what a house title deed is and what exactly it says.
20-12-2022 Rik
Enjoy your own holiday home
Going on holiday at home has never been more popular.
19-12-2022 Rik
Three tips for suitable window decoration for your industrial bedroom
Do you have an industrial bedroom? Then it is not always easy to find the right window decoration to go with it.
18-12-2022 Rik
Five special places in the Netherlands
To know where to go in the Netherlands, we list five beautiful places for you.
17-12-2022 Rik
The cost, purchase and installation of a stairlift in the home: what are the implications for interiors and wallets?
However, stairlifts come in many shapes and sizes, can be rented and bought, and can also be mounted in different ways in the home.
16-12-2022 Rik
Having doormats made to measure
With a custom-made doormat, you are guaranteed to have a beautiful and functional addition for the hallway.
15-12-2022 Rik
Artificial turf as the ideal solution
If you have green fingers then you may not have to think about it, but otherwise artificial grass is the solution!
14-12-2022 Rik
What to look out for when buying a fridge
In this article, we list all the important info about buying a fridge.
13-12-2022 Rik
How long does transferring house at the notary take?
Here you will find out how long the transfer of a house takes on average at the notary.
13-12-2022 Rik
Buying a house is also largely subconscious. This is something you need to take into account as a seller!
It is often said that you buy a house by feel.
12-12-2022 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Into the new year with interior design tips!
What will your new year look like? Do you have any special, good resolutions? Like upgrading or styling your interiors.
11-12-2022 Rik
This is how a landscaper can help you create the perfect garden
Laying out a new garden can be quite overwhelming.
06-12-2022 Rik
10 tips: Inspect property before transfer
If your property has finally been sold or you have been able to buy your dream home, an inspection should be carried out before the transfer.
06-12-2022 Esther Niehot
Monuments in 's-Hertogenbosch - Part 2
In this article, I write a little about some of the monuments you will come across during your walk or bike ride through the city.
05-12-2022 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Mortgage rates: another drop!
Find out what the fall in mortgage rates could mean for you!
04-12-2022 Rik
Tips for renting storage space in Den Bosch
What should you think about when renting a storage box? Here we give you the best tips for it!
29-11-2022 Rik
3 tips for cleaning your home
When you use some handy and very simple products to clean your home a few times a month, it is easier to keep it clean.
29-11-2022 Rik
Can you rent out a house with a mortgage on it?
To rent out your house, you need to ask for permission from the bank if there is a mortgage involved.
28-11-2022 Rik
Create more privacy in your home
When you are looking for privacy for your home, there are quite a few different options.
22-11-2022 Rik
Essential tips to make your home more valuable
Now that the overheated housing market of recent years finally seems to be cooling down a bit, does this also mean that house prices are hardly rising anymore?
15-11-2022 Rik
Insulate your home inexpensively
If you want to insulate your home quickly and inexpensively so that you are still warm this winter, then choose PIR insulation material.
08-11-2022 Rik
Replace your old door with a lacquered door
How nice isn't it to be able to install a professionally lacquered door without blemishes in your home that you don't have to worry about?
31-10-2022 Rik
Looking for a home charging station? Look out for this!
Then make sure you have enough information to install your own charging station at home.
29-10-2022 Esther Niehot
Carnival in 's-Hertogenbosch
If you are just living or planning to live in 's-Hertogenbosch, I must tell you something about carnival.
18-10-2022 Rik
Here's how to keep your rug like new
We have some tips to make sure your front dressing stays looking radiant and like new.
18-10-2022 Rik
5 ways to add greenery to your new home!
This can be done in several ways without spending too much money. Read these tips!
17-10-2022 Rik
Garden decoration that makes everyone happy
In this article, read some tips to give your garden the look that makes you happy!
16-10-2022 Rik
History of the domestic clock
So how did these complicated machines come to be?
13-10-2022 Rik
Make stairs nicer and safer with non-slip stair tape
An addition to the stairs that is good for both appearance, as well as safety, is a non-slip stair tape.
12-10-2022 Rik Feijen
Which clock will fit in my new home?
Which clock will fit in my new home?
05-10-2022 Esther Niehot
Monuments in 's-Hertogenbosch - Part 1
In 's-Hertogenbosch, you will find many municipal monuments and national monuments.
03-10-2022 Rik
Waterproof work shoes for winter
Waterproof work shoes are fully protected against water penetration.
27-09-2022 Rik
4 things your new home must have
Your home's outdoor space should be as comfortable and functional as your indoor space.
26-09-2022 Rik
Furniture for your new home
There are many things to do to make a new house a home.
25-09-2022 Rik
The best tips to make your new home a comfortable place to live in
Many people do not realise how much the home affects your overall well-being.
20-09-2022 Rik
Tips and advice on insulating window decoration
You must have already realised that gas and energy bills are sky-high at the moment.
19-09-2022 Rik
You paint your wall like this
Are you ready for a change in, say, your living room?
06-09-2022 Esther Niehot
Nature reserves in and near 's-Hertogenbosch
Away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, check out the nature reserves in Den Bosch here.
05-09-2022 Rik
4 advantages of buying sustainable homes
Sustainable houses are not only better for the environment than traditional houses, they also offer homeowners numerous advantages.
04-09-2022 Elise
Have you made an offer and are you in doubt? During these phases you can withdraw your bid without consequences
The exact situation must first be examined in order to answer this question. There are four options:
04-09-2022 Rik
4 tips for preparing your move
Moving, as many people say, can be stressful. That is why a good preparation for the move is a must.
31-08-2022 Elise
Does the higher mortgage interest rate affect my mortgage?
Mortgage rates have started to rise sharply this year. This may affect your mortgage, but what will you notice?
03-08-2022 Elise
Do you want to improve the energy label of your house?
How do you improve your energy label and where do you start? We will be happy to explain the smartest way.
31-07-2022 Esther Niehot
Parks in 's-Hertogenbosch
If you live in 's-Hertogenbosch, there is always a park nearby. This is truly a green city.
28-07-2022 Elise
What is the difference between a valuation and an appraisal?
Are you about to sell your house? Then you are naturally curious about the value of your home.
30-06-2022 Esther Niehot
Museums in 's-Hertogenbosch
's-Hertogenbosch is not called the culture city of the south for nothing.
28-06-2022 Rik
How do students find student accommodation in Brabant?
You are going to study in Brabant, one of the most beautiful provinces of our country.
26-06-2022 Elise
What is my house worth?
During an appraisal, a real estate agent from your region comes to your home to determine the estimated value of your home
26-06-2022 Rik
Building your ideal home
Building the ideal house is a dream for many.
26-06-2022 Rik
Which locks can a locksmith install?
The locksmith will replace your locks with new and approved ones.
24-06-2022 Rik Feijen
Ideas for small bathrooms in 2022
With an efficient strategy, you can design your bathroom so that it remains both functional and stylish, regardless of the space available.
23-06-2022 Rik
Choosing a rug for your home
Buying a rug is difficult. You have to consider the size, style, colour and material of your rug.
22-06-2022 Rik
How do you create a cosy and comfortable living room?
Here you can read some tips on how to turn the living room into the cosiest room in your house.
21-06-2022 Rik
All about PVC flooring for your bathroom
Tiles have long reigned in high-end bathrooms. In recent years, bathroom PVC flooring has developed by leaps and bounds to become a worthy competitor.
20-06-2022 Rik
Social skills that children acquire when playing outside
One of the keys to developing these skills is playing outside.
19-06-2022 Rik
How do you prepare your garden when selling your house?
Selling your house is a business that requires a lot of preparation. You have to make it look presentable so that more buyers will be interested.
05-06-2022 Rik
Decorate your new home with vintage design cabinets
More and more often, we see that owners of vintage houses want to furnish their homes in a vintage style in order to enhance the atmosphere of the house.
05-06-2022 Rik
Decorating your house completely with second-hand items? It can be done!
You can also furnish your home with second-hand items and it doesn't have to be difficult at all. And what are the advantages?
31-05-2022 Rik
Upgrade your bathroom with technology
Smart innovations in the bathroom significantly increase comfort.
31-05-2022 Esther Niehot
Fortress city 's-Hertogenbosch
's-Hertogenbosch is a fortified city, which is immediately obvious when you arrive in the city centre.
30-05-2022 Rik
The advantages of a doorbell with camera
With a smart doorbell, you don't always have to call in the neighbours to keep an eye on the home front while on holiday.
19-05-2022 Elise Hees
What are incremental costs and why do you want to avoid them?
The provisional sum can make the renovation suddenly much more expensive than agreed, but what does it mean exactly?
07-05-2022 Esther Niehot
May Month - March Month in 's-Hertogenbosch
May is the Month of the Virgin Mary in the Catholic Church; we in 's-Hertogenbosch celebrate it in our own way.
05-05-2022 Rik
The best ways to create more space in the home
Do you currently live in a nice house? Then of course you would prefer not to move.
02-05-2022 Rik
How do you furnish a newly built house?
You can use our tips when furnishing a newly built house!
01-05-2022 Rik
A handyman project can be worth the investment
For a well-maintained house in a big city, you may have to pay a high price in this crowded housing market.
10-04-2022 Elise Hees
Why choose an architectural inspection?
Have you found your dream home? It is wise to have an architectural inspection, but what is the importance of an architectural inspection?
04-04-2022 Elise Hees
How to create a stylish play corner in the living room?
How do you create a space without turning the entire living room upside down? We are happy to give you some tips and inspiration!
29-03-2022 Elise Hees
What are the garden trends of 2022?
The outdoor season has begun and it is time to slowly get the garden ready for summer. With these garden trends of 2022, you will soon be completely up-to-date
28-03-2022 Elise Hees
What are the biggest energy guzzlers in the house?
Are you aware of how to make your use of energy as economical as possible? Every tenner you can save is one, right?
21-03-2022 Elise Hees
Tips for the perfect sales photo of your property
With these tips, you will score with your photos and increase the chances of an even quicker and better sale.
15-03-2022 Rik Feijen
Bringing the modern look into your garden
In this blog, we tell you how to bring this look into your garden.
09-03-2022 Elise Hees
More living space without moving or renovating!
Do you need extra living space? With 4 clever tips, you will have some freedom of movement again.
06-03-2022 Elise Hees
Homebuyers can get more mortgage
Compared to five years ago, it has become much easier to take out a mortgage.
01-03-2022 Rik
Just bought a new house? How do you furnish your bedroom?
An exciting time has arrived. You have just bought a new house thanks to the Easie buying agent, but now the next leaden task begins.
01-03-2022 Rik
Outdoor sun protection: the trends of 2022 at a glance
Want to know more about the latest trends in outdoor sun protection?
28-02-2022 Rik
Open your doors easily without a key
Do you also dream of being able to open your door without having to search for your key in a pocket, bag or in the glove compartment of your car?
09-02-2022 Rik
Looking for a house with a garden? Prepare yourself with these tips
There are a number of things to consider when looking for a house with a garden. We have listed some tips for you!
08-02-2022 Rik
Living room styling with designer accents
Have you ever thought about a design coat rack or a design dining table?
07-02-2022 Rik
Design online furniture shops
If you are looking for something really special, it is a good idea to choose this provider.
07-02-2022 Elise Hees
Reduced VAT rate solar panels
With rising energy prices, solar panels are more interesting than ever.
06-02-2022 Elise Hees
Rising energy prices? How to keep your bill low
It's all over the news: the steep rise in energy prices. Fortunately, you can take measures yourself to keep your energy bill as low as possible.
01-02-2022 Rik Feijen
A smoke detector on every floor: do you already comply with the new rules?
From 1 July 2022, you must have a smoke detector on every floor. Take this into account when buying or selling a house.
01-02-2022 Rik Feijen
What is door fitting?
Door hardware is also a name for everything that can be placed on the inner door or the outer door.
30-01-2022 Elise Hees
Mortgage changes in 2022
Things are going to change for homeowners and for people who are going to buy a house in 2022.
25-01-2022 Rik Feijen
Trend alert - Wood blinds vs aluminium blinds: Which one suits my interior?
Are you talking about window decoration? Then you quickly think of blinds.
25-01-2022 Rik Feijen
The best ways to save energy at home
It is always a good idea to save as much energy as possible in your home.
18-01-2022 Rik Feijen
Increase the Wi-Fi speed at home
It is frustrating to carry out a speed test and discover that you are only getting half the internet speeds advertised for the subscription you took out after using internet comparison.
11-01-2022 Rik Feijen
Get your house ready for sale
Are you thinking about selling your house? Then it is useful to have some tips on what you can do in advance.
11-01-2022 Rik Feijen
Do you want to treat your floor with a coating? Here is what to look out for
The floor coating price is partly what makes floor coatings so popular.
11-01-2022 Rik Feijen
4 tips for when you first view a house
After saving so much time and planning ahead, viewing a house is an exciting next step.
10-01-2022 Rik Feijen
Have solar panels installed on your house
Do you like the idea of solar energy, but are not yet fully convinced that it is something for you?
09-01-2022 Elise Hees
vb&t Makelaars also works from home!
Working at home with adolescents. How is that experienced?
09-01-2022 Rik Feijen
Advantages of buying a new house
New build homes have considerable advantages, and the standard of house building in the Netherlands has never been as high as it is now.
30-11-2021 Rik Feijen
What is the difference between a tiny house and a chalet?
There are some major differences between a tiny house and a chalet.
30-11-2021 Elise Hees
What can you expect from house prices in 2022?
Finding and buying a suitable home? That has become very difficult in recent years.
25-11-2021 Elise Hees
Selling your house with excess value? This is what happens for tax purposes in 6 situations.
How can you get a surplus value on your house?
24-11-2021 Rik Feijen
Increase the value of your house yourself
Do you want to increase the value of your house? You can easily do this yourself.
22-11-2021 Rik
The first steps when buying a new house
Are you eager to move into a new home?
09-11-2021 Rik Feijen
Like clockwork at home...
The clock may have a dusty image by now, but that is absolutely not true!
08-11-2021 Rik Feijen
Benefits of dry risers in high-rise buildings
With a dry fire extinguisher system, the fire brigade has access to sufficient water on each floor.
07-11-2021 Rik Feijen
Keep insects out with a pleated screen door
A pleated insect screen is the best solution for keeping mosquitoes at bay while allowing the house to be ventilated.
03-11-2021 Rik Feijen
Home accessories Sissy-Boy
Is your house ready for an interior upgrade? At Sissy-Boy you are at the right place for all your interior items.
03-11-2021 Rik Feijen
Switching to a sustainable environment
More and more Dutch people are switching to a sustainable living environment.
25-10-2021 Rik Feijen
The best tips for furnishing your mobile home
The mobile home is gaining popularity, but why is this?
19-10-2021 Rik Feijen
Why live in Eindhoven?
Eindhoven is a pleasant city where there is a lot to do and where it is easy to get to. If you would like to know more about buying a house and living in Eindhoven, we have listed some interesting points for you in this article.
12-10-2021 Rik Feijen
Purchase agent in Helmond
Do you want to start looking for a new home and are you considering using a buying agent in Helmond? Then you can read here what a buying agent can do for you, and why it is smart to use a buying agent.
28-09-2021 Rik Feijen
10 tips: Sell your house fast
Do you want to sell your house fast? In this blog article, we have 10 tips for you if you want to sell your house quickly.
26-09-2021 Rik Feijen
Customised curtains or blackout blinds
Curtains, what are they for? First of all, curtains are meant to keep the light out.
21-09-2021 Rik Feijen
What is an appraisal for your house?
If you want to know what a value appraisal for a house is exactly, what the difference is with an appraisal and in which situation you should have a value appraisal carried out, you can read that in the article below.
20-09-2021 Rik Feijen
Buy a flat roof window at Bouw-Handel
A flat roof window is a special window that is installed in the roof. It is a beautiful glass dome that offers many advantages.
14-09-2021 Rik Feijen
Purchase agent in Den Bosch
Do you want to buy a new house soon and are you therefore looking for a buying agent in Den Bosch? Then you can read in this article what a buying agent can do for you, and why you are better off with a buying agent.
06-09-2021 Rik Feijen
Life-long learning: rebuild or move?
A home that is fit for life is a home in which you can continue to live: now and later.
31-08-2021 Rik Feijen
Properties for sale in Eindhoven
Eindhoven may be known for design and light bulbs, but it is also a very pleasant city to live in, as it has been the vibrant heart of North Brabant for years. If you want to know what living in Eindhoven is like and if there are any properties for sale in Eindhoven, read on.
24-08-2021 Rik Feijen
What is Funda in Business?
Most people know it as a website where you can search for a nice house to buy. But Funda also offers opportunities for the business market.
17-08-2021 Rik Feijen
How can I increase the value of my property?
If you want to make sure that you can ask a better price for your property, we have some tips for you so that your property will be worth more when you sell it.
10-08-2021 Rik Feijen
Difference between valuation and appraisal
In this article we will explain to you as clearly as possible what the differences are and when you choose for an appraisal or a value appraisal.
03-08-2021 Rik Feijen
The Light Tower in Eindhoven
The Lichttoren is one of the city's landmark buildings that form the industrial heritage of Philips and has recently been renovated.
13-07-2021 Rik Feijen
Why use a property purchase consultant?
What is the advantage of using a buying agent? You can read the answer to this question in this article.
13-07-2021 Rik Feijen
Buying a house in Eindhoven: 10 tips
Do you want to take the step of buying your own home in Eindhoven? That is why we have put together 10 tips for buying a house in Eindhoven for you.
04-07-2021 Rik Feijen
Who signs the preliminary sales agreement first?
Searching for a house and placing an opening bid is exciting. Once you have done so, you have to wait until the selling party accepts your offer.
01-07-2021 Rik Feijen
What does a broker do?
Are you planning to sell your house and look for a new one? Then it is best to enlist the help of a real estate agent.
30-06-2021 Rik Feijen
Making a bid on a house; How much under the asking price?
Making an offer on a house. It remains exciting. After all, you want to get your hands on the house of your dreams, but preferably also get a cut of the price.
27-06-2021 Rik Feijen
How to make an offer on a house?
Finding a home that meets your needs can be difficult enough. However, from that moment on it only begins.
25-06-2021 Rik Feijen
Buying a house in Den Bosch with a buying agent
Do you want to buy a new home? Then you have to deal with many different things.
22-06-2021 Rik Feijen
10 tips for selling your house in Den Bosch
Are you looking for the best ways to sell your house in Den Bosch?
09-06-2021 Rik Feijen
Legal cooling off period around the holidays
But what do you have to think about and what about the legal cooling off period during holidays? Read on and you will know exactly what you need to take into account.
26-05-2021 Rik Feijen
What are moveable assets? What is involved in taking over a house
There are a number of things that can come with the acquisition of a house. Therefore, you need to start informing yourself well about these things so that you know exactly what to expect and also know what costs are still involved.
19-05-2021 Rik Feijen
How long cooling off period after bid on house?
Because are you actually stuck with the sale or can you still go back?
19-05-2021 Rik Feijen
Heating your pool
Nowadays, more and more people, have a pool in their garden in the summer.
19-05-2021 Rik Feijen
Cylinder locks
When you have bought a nice new house, it is of course important to secure it properly. Securing your property begins with the front door. But how can you best do this?
13-05-2021 Rik Feijen
Calculating the buyer's costs of your house
Calculating the cost of your buyer's house is important to know as much as possible for financing the home.
12-05-2021 Rik Feijen
Why a structural inspection when buying a house?
Before you buy a house you want to give yourself as much security as possible. After all, it is a lot of money that you have to pay to own your dream home and you don't want any nasty surprises.
12-05-2021 Rik Feijen
Modifying or relocating your home?
With a few tips, you can continue to enjoy the beautiful home you now live in for years to come.
28-04-2021 Rik Feijen
What does sold with reservation mean?
A house can be sold in many different ways. However, this does not mean that the property will disappear from the market.
26-04-2021 Rik Feijen
What to look out for when viewing a house?
After you contact the real estate agent and schedule the viewing, it's time to prepare properly.
19-04-2021 Rik Feijen
When to make the offer after viewing?
After a first viewing you could make your offer. Or will you go for a second viewing anyway?
14-04-2021 Rik Feijen
Dissolve (provisional) contract of sale
However, dissolving a purchase contract cannot be done just like that. This is because different conditions have been drawn up for this. Dissolve (provisional) contract of sale
07-04-2021 Rik Feijen
Choose energy label house
You may be curious about what the options are for home energy labeling.
07-04-2021 Rik Feijen
Artificial grass in the garden is becoming increasingly common
Many of us know the benefits of artificial turf. It provides a healthy and attractive turf for a backyard or lawn.
31-03-2021 Rik Feijen
The best real estate agent in Den Bosch
The best real estate agent in Den Bosch can take a lot out of your hands.
05-01-2021 Rik Feijen
Construction interest for new buildings
When you buy a new construction home, you first pay construction interest before the mortgage interest.
02-01-2021 Rik Feijen
New construction mortgage
Financing a new construction home is a little different than financing an existing home. Find out how it all works here.
17-12-2020 Bart Pype
Cost of new construction
With a new-build house you have to deal with a number of other costs than with existing construction. Read which one here!
15-12-2020 Bart Pype
New build vs. existing construction
Buy new construction or existing construction? We have made an overview of the pros and cons.
08-12-2020 Bart Pype
New construction for starters
Are you a starter in the housing market? Then new construction projects for you might be a godsend!
26-11-2020 Bart Pype
Sustainability mortgage
If you buy a sustainable new-build home you can get a higher mortgage. Read how that works here.
28-10-2020 Bart Pype
Moving with children
Moving is a major event for the family. Read here how to make moving a fun adventure!
19-10-2020 Bart Pype
Bridging loan
Buy a new house when your old house hasn't been sold yet? You can do this with a bridging loan!
14-10-2020 Bart Pype
What is leasehold?
Want to know more about buying a house with leasehold? Read exactly what leasehold means here!
11-10-2020 Bart Pype
Home valuation
What is a home valuation and when do you need one? Read all about having your property valued here.
30-09-2020 Bart Pype
Home maintenance
What jobs should you think of, among other things, in home maintenance? We've put them together!
23-09-2020 Bart Pype
What's in the purchase contract?
The purchase contract contains the agreements between you and the seller. Read all about the purchase contract here.
16-09-2020 Bart Pype
What does it mean? At vb&t Brokers we take a different view. Read how here!
13-09-2020 Bart Pype
Upgrade your home
Are you planning to give your house a little upgrade? Read here how to do it easily!
06-09-2020 Bart Pype
Take a mortgage or pay off it?
How do you handle it when you've bought a new house? Are you taking the mortgage or not?
02-09-2020 Bart Pype
Apply for planning permission or not?
For certain plans you need planning permission. Which are those and where do you apply for that permit?
30-08-2020 Bart Pype
Home ownership
If you own a home, you will have to deal with the home ownership every year. But what is this?
16-08-2020 Bart Pype
Smart home products
What smart home products can you use to make your home more comfortable and economical?
13-08-2020 Bart Pype
Why visit with a buying agent?
Taking the real estate agent to the viewing can give you a lot of time. How then? Read on here.
13-08-2020 Bart Pype
New construction: from buying to moving
Know what to think about when buying a new-build house? We've sorted it out.
22-07-2020 Bart Pype
What are (un)movable things?
If you are going to buy a house it is good to know which (un)movable things belong to the house. Read the difference here!
08-07-2020 Bart Pype
Moving out because of family expansion: what should you look out for?
You get family expansion and decide to move, how do you handle that?
01-07-2020 Bart Pype
Fixed charges for the house
If you own a house for sale, you have to deal with a number of fixed charges every month.
21-06-2020 Bart Pype
Time for The Big Clean-Up
Will the big cleanup be on your schedule soon? Read here how to do it conveniently!
14-06-2020 Bart Pype
Staycation 2020
Are you going for a staycation this year? We have 6 ideas to get that holiday feeling at home as well.
10-06-2020 Bart Pype
Buy an apartment: what should you look out for?
Buying an apartment works something else. Read here what you need to pay extra attention to.
07-06-2020 Bart Pype
Getting home ready for viewing
Will there be viewers for your house soon? Then it's time to fix your house!
27-05-2020 Bart Pype
Tips for first-time buyers in the housing market
Useful tips for first-time buyers in the housing market. Where did you get your dream home?
27-05-2020 Bart Pype
Questions to ask during a viewing
What questions should you really not forget to ask during a viewing?
24-05-2020 Bart Pype
Update housing market in coronatime
How is the housing market in times of coronavirus? We have an update for you!
06-05-2020 Bart Pype
Preparing garden for summer
Isn't your garden quite ready for summer? Don't worry, we've made a roadmap!
22-04-2020 Bart Pype
Housing day: Looking for a new palace?
We give tips for your search for your dream home!
20-04-2020 Bart Pype
Death risk insurance
Often a death risk insurance has to be taken out in the case of a mortgage. Why and how that works?
14-04-2020 Bart Pype
Making the house more sustainable
Don't you know where to start making your home more sustainable? We'll lend you a hand!
06-04-2020 Bart Pype
Tips from our colleagues for your sale or purchase!
Are you curious what the tips are according to our team? You can read them here!
05-04-2020 Bart Pype
Matterport: A new way of viewing
This period is extra challenging when your property is for sale. We help!
29-03-2020 Bart Pype
Spring maintenance chores
It's spring again! Time to get started with some (maintenance) chores. You have time for that now!
27-03-2020 Bart Pype
The WOZ Value in 2020
How will the WOZ value be determined in 2020 and do you object? We'll tell you more!
26-03-2020 Bart Pype
Buying new construction and the corona crisis: frequently asked questions
Are you going to buy a new-build house that's being built now?
24-03-2020 Bart Pype
What is a digital valuation?
Selling your property during the corona crisis? It can still be done, we explain how!
24-03-2020 Bart Pype
Digital viewing? It's possible!
You'd like to see a house during the corona crisis? That is now possible digitally! We tell you how!
24-03-2020 Bart Pype
The impact of the Coronavirus
It has changed our daily activities and activities quite a bit. We would like to inform you about this!
05-03-2020 Bart Pype
Tips for the Open Houses Day
The Open Houses Day is being postponed to October 3, 2020. How do you go out prepared? We have a tips for you.
27-01-2020 Bart Pype
Buy house to rent
Invest in a house to rent? Read here what to keep in mind
20-01-2020 Bart Pype
Packing moving boxes: 5 useful tips
Yes! You're moving. But what's the best way to pack all those moving boxes? We'll help you!
13-01-2020 Bart Pype
Preparing mortgage conversation
Well prepared for a mortgage call? We'll help you get started with the preparation!
07-01-2020 Bart Pype
Fixed-rate period: how long do you lock your mortgage rate?
We will help you on your way to making a good choice.
22-12-2019 Bart Pype
Buying first home: taking out a mortgage
Are you going to buy your first house? Congratulations! We have some tips for your mortgage.
19-12-2019 Bart Pype
Legal cooling-off period around the holidays
What about the 3 days of legal reflection time around the holidays?
18-12-2019 Bart Pype
Useful apps and websites for finding your dream home
With these apps and websites you can find your dream home and set it up!
04-12-2019 Bart Pype
What does a notary do?
For the (sale) of a house you have to visit the notary. But what exactly does it do for you?
02-12-2019 Bart Pype
How do you make sure the seller chooses you?
How do you convince the seller to choose your bid?
19-11-2019 Bart Pype
New at vb&t Brokers: Online bidding
Read here how our new online bidding tool works!
31-10-2019 Bart Pype
Controlling gas, water and light for your new home
How and when do you arrange the gas, water and light for your new home?
23-10-2019 Bart Pype
Buy or rent a house?
As a starter in the housing market, you face a dilemma. What is wise: buy or rent a house?
21-10-2019 Bart Pype
Renovating the house: what should you look out for?
What do you have to think about when renovating your home?
17-10-2019 Bart Pype
What should you look for when buying new construction?
Buy a new-build house? Read here what to take into account.
01-10-2019 Bart Pype
What does a sales agent do?
A sales agent can help you sell your house from A to Z. But what does he or she do for you?
16-09-2019 Bart Pype
The best time to sell your home
Did you know that the time of year affects your home's sales opportunities? Read about that here.
09-09-2019 Bart Pype
Deductible costs for purchase of property
When buying a house, many costs are deductible once with your tax return. Find out which ones are!
01-09-2019 Bart Pype
Divorce and mortgage
What happens to the mortgage if you get a divorce? How do you manage this in a good way? Read it here!
01-09-2019 Bart Pype
Buying a house together: how do you handle it financially?
Buy a house together? Read here which things to take care of!
10-08-2019 Bart Pype
Decomposing conditions
Rescinding conditions: what safety do they offer buyers and what are the most important?
04-07-2018 Bart Pype
First buy another house or sell your own house first?
Do you want to move? Do you first sell your own house or do you buy a house first?
02-07-2018 Bart Pype
Final inspection of the house
You sold your house and a final inspection is scheduled. What should you look for during the final inspection?
01-07-2018 Bart Pype
How do I find my ideal home?
You're looking for a new house, but how exactly do you handle it? We have a handy list for you!
30-06-2018 Bart Pype
Six important insurance policies after the purchase of a house
If you own a house, you're going to have to deal with this. Which are mandatory and which are we recommending?
22-06-2018 Bart Pype
Set house asking price
You want to sell your house as soon as possible, a real asking price contributes to this. But how is it determined?
21-06-2018 Bart Pype
What is overvalevalue and what can you do with it? In this blog we will explain how it works!
19-06-2018 Bart Pype
Obligation to communicate and investigating
What exactly do these duties ens to be and who do they apply to? You can read it here.
15-06-2018 Bart Pype
Architectural inspection
Before you buy a new house it is wise to have an architectural inspection carried out. Read why here!
14-06-2018 Bart Pype
Selling your own house roadmap
Sell your house yourself, how do you do that? With this step-by-step plan we will help you on your way to becoming your own real estate agent!
14-06-2018 Bart Pype
Mortgage forms
Which mortgage forms are there and which suits your situation best? We'll explain it to you!
11-06-2018 Bart Pype
Living area
What exactly is the living space of a home and how should you officially measure it? You can read it here!
11-06-2018 Bart Pype
Bidding on a home
Bidding for a home can be quite exciting for you. We'll give you six tips to get you started!
10-06-2018 Bart Pype
Starter loan
What is a starter loan and who is eligible? We'll explain it to you!
08-06-2018 Bart Pype
Maximum mortgage 2019
What will change in 2019 for the maximum mortgage? You can read all about it here.
01-06-2018 Bart Pype
House viewing checklist
What should you look out for when you visit a house? We have a handy checklist for you!
31-05-2018 Bart Pype
What's your house worth?
Are you about to sell your house or plan to move? Have a valuation executed!
12-05-2018 Bart Pype
Why a buying agent?
A purchasing agent represents the interests of the buyer of a property. Do you want to know what he's doing for you?
11-05-2018 Bart Pype
The Energy Label
An energy label is required when selling your house. But what is it and what does this say about the property?
10-05-2018 Bart Pype
The mortgage interest deduction, the how and what!
The mortgage interest deduction, what can and should you do with this financial arrangement?
07-05-2018 Bart Pype
National Mortgage Guarantee
How does the National Mortgage Guarantee protect you and what requirements should you meet?
02-05-2018 Bart Pype
Energy neutral living
Enjoy all the luxuries without paying for energy. Sounds good, but how can you live energy neutral?
01-05-2018 Bart Pype
WOZ value
The WOZ Value stands for Valuation Real Estate. But what exactly do you know about this value?
30-04-2018 Bart Pype
Buyer's fees
Buyer's costs are the additional costs for the purchase of your property. What should you take into account?
22-04-2018 Bart Pype
Provisional purchase contract
A provisional purchase contract sounds non-binding, but is it? We'll give you all the ins and outs!
20-04-2018 Bart Pype
Free by name
Buy a house free by name (v.o.n.). What are the benefits & differences with buyer's costs?

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