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Why use a property purchase consultant?
What is the advantage of using a buying agent? You can read the answer to this question in this article.
The best real estate agent in Den Bosch
The best real estate agent in Den Bosch can take a lot out of your hands.
Construction interest for new buildings
When you buy a new construction home, you first pay construction interest before the mortgage interest.
New construction mortgage
Financing a new construction home is a little different than financing an existing home. Find out how it all works here.
Cost of new construction
With a new-build house you have to deal with a number of other costs than with existing construction. Read which one here!
New build vs. existing construction
Buy new construction or existing construction? We have made an overview of the pros and cons.
New construction for starters
Are you a starter in the housing market? Then new construction projects for you might be a godsend!
Sustainability mortgage
If you buy a sustainable new-build home you can get a higher mortgage. Read how that works here.
Moving with children
Moving is a major event for the family. Read here how to make moving a fun adventure!
Bridging loan
Buy a new house when your old house hasn't been sold yet? You can do this with a bridging loan!
What is leasehold?
Want to know more about buying a house with leasehold? Read exactly what leasehold means here!
Home valuation
What is a home valuation and when do you need one? Read all about having your property valued here.
Home maintenance
What jobs should you think of, among other things, in home maintenance? We've put them together!
What's in the purchase contract?
The purchase contract contains the agreements between you and the seller. Read all about the purchase contract here.
What does it mean? At vb&t Brokers we take a different view. Read how here!
Upgrade your home
Are you planning to give your house a little upgrade? Read here how to do it easily!
Take a mortgage or pay off it?
How do you handle it when you've bought a new house? Are you taking the mortgage or not?
Apply for planning permission or not?
For certain plans you need planning permission. Which are those and where do you apply for that permit?
Home ownership
If you own a home, you will have to deal with the home ownership every year. But what is this?
Smart home products
What smart home products can you use to make your home more comfortable and economical?
Why visit with a buying agent?
Taking the real estate agent to the viewing can give you a lot of time. How then? Read on here.
New construction: from buying to moving
Know what to think about when buying a new-build house? We've sorted it out.
What are (un)movable things?
If you are going to buy a house it is good to know which (un)movable things belong to the house. Read the difference here!
Moving out because of family expansion: what should you look out for?
You get family expansion and decide to move, how do you handle that?
Fixed charges for the house
If you own a house for sale, you have to deal with a number of fixed charges every month.
Time for The Big Clean-Up
Will the big cleanup be on your schedule soon? Read here how to do it conveniently!
Staycation 2020
Are you going for a staycation this year? We have 6 ideas to get that holiday feeling at home as well.
Buy an apartment: what should you look out for?
Buying an apartment works something else. Read here what you need to pay extra attention to.
Getting home ready for viewing
Will there be viewers for your house soon? Then it's time to fix your house!
Tips for first-time buyers in the housing market
Useful tips for first-time buyers in the housing market. Where did you get your dream home?
Questions to ask during a viewing
What questions should you really not forget to ask during a viewing?
Update housing market in coronatime
How is the housing market in times of coronavirus? We have an update for you!
Preparing garden for summer
Isn't your garden quite ready for summer? Don't worry, we've made a roadmap!
Housing day: Looking for a new palace?
We give tips for your search for your dream home!
Death risk insurance
Often a death risk insurance has to be taken out in the case of a mortgage. Why and how that works?
Making the house more sustainable
Don't you know where to start making your home more sustainable? We'll lend you a hand!
Tips from our colleagues for your sale or purchase!
Are you curious what the tips are according to our team? You can read them here!
Matterport: A new way of viewing
This period is extra challenging when your property is for sale. We help!
Spring maintenance chores
It's spring again! Time to get started with some (maintenance) chores. You have time for that now!
The WOZ Value in 2020
How will the WOZ value be determined in 2020 and do you object? We'll tell you more!
Buying new construction and the corona crisis: frequently asked questions
Are you going to buy a new-build house that's being built now?
What is a digital valuation?
Selling your property during the corona crisis? It can still be done, we explain how!
Digital viewing? It's possible!
You'd like to see a house during the corona crisis? That is now possible digitally! We tell you how!
The impact of the Coronavirus
It has changed our daily activities and activities quite a bit. We would like to inform you about this!
Tips for the Open Houses Day
The Open Houses Day is being postponed to October 3, 2020. How do you go out prepared? We have a tips for you.
Buy house to rent
Invest in a house to rent? Read here what to keep in mind
Packing moving boxes: 5 useful tips
Yes! You're moving. But what's the best way to pack all those moving boxes? We'll help you!
Preparing mortgage conversation
Well prepared for a mortgage call? We'll help you get started with the preparation!
Fixed-rate period: how long do you lock your mortgage rate?
We will help you on your way to making a good choice.
Buying first home: taking out a mortgage
Are you going to buy your first house? Congratulations! We have some tips for your mortgage.
Legal cooling-off period around the holidays
What about the 3 days of legal reflection time around the holidays?
Useful apps and websites for finding your dream home
With these apps and websites you can find your dream home and set it up!
What does a notary do?
For the (sale) of a house you have to visit the notary. But what exactly does it do for you?
How do you make sure the seller chooses you?
How do you convince the seller to choose your bid?
New at vb&t Brokers: Online bidding
Read here how our new online bidding tool works!
Controlling gas, water and light for your new home
How and when do you arrange the gas, water and light for your new home?
Buy or rent a house?
As a starter in the housing market, you face a dilemma. What is wise: buy or rent a house?
Renovating the house: what should you look out for?
What do you have to think about when renovating your home?
What should you look for when buying new construction?
Buy a new-build house? Read here what to take into account.
What does a sales agent do?
A sales agent can help you sell your house from A to Z. But what does he or she do for you?
The best time to sell your home
Did you know that the time of year affects your home's sales opportunities? Read about that here.
Deductible costs for purchase of property
When buying a house, many costs are deductible once with your tax return. Find out which ones are!
Divorce and mortgage
What happens to the mortgage if you get a divorce? How do you manage this in a good way? Read it here!
Buying a house together: how do you handle it financially?
Buy a house together? Read here which things to take care of!
Decomposing conditions
Rescinding conditions: what safety do they offer buyers and what are the most important?
First buy another house or sell your own house first?
Do you want to move? Do you first sell your own house or do you buy a house first?
Final inspection of the house
You sold your house and a final inspection is scheduled. What should you look for during the final inspection?
How do I find my ideal home?
You're looking for a new house, but how exactly do you handle it? We have a handy list for you!
Six important insurance policies after the purchase of a house
If you own a house, you're going to have to deal with this. Which are mandatory and which are we recommending?
Set house asking price
You want to sell your house as soon as possible, a real asking price contributes to this. But how is it determined?
What is overvalevalue and what can you do with it? In this blog we will explain how it works!
Obligation to communicate and investigating
What exactly do these duties ens to be and who do they apply to? You can read it here.
Architectural inspection
Before you buy a new house it is wise to have an architectural inspection carried out. Read why here!
Selling your own house roadmap
Sell your house yourself, how do you do that? With this step-by-step plan we will help you on your way to becoming your own real estate agent!
Mortgage forms
Which mortgage forms are there and which suits your situation best? We'll explain it to you!
Living area
What exactly is the living space of a home and how should you officially measure it? You can read it here!
Bidding on a home
Bidding for a home can be quite exciting for you. We'll give you six tips to get you started!
Starter loan
What is a starter loan and who is eligible? We'll explain it to you!
Maximum mortgage 2019
What will change in 2019 for the maximum mortgage? You can read all about it here.
House viewing checklist
What should you look out for when you visit a house? We have a handy checklist for you!
What's your house worth?
Are you about to sell your house or plan to move? Have a valuation executed!
Why a buying agent?
A purchasing agent represents the interests of the buyer of a property. Do you want to know what he's doing for you?
The Energy Label
An energy label is required when selling your house. But what is it and what does this say about the property?
The mortgage interest deduction, the how and what!
The mortgage interest deduction, what can and should you do with this financial arrangement?
National Mortgage Guarantee
How does the National Mortgage Guarantee protect you and what requirements should you meet?
Energy neutral living
Enjoy all the luxuries without paying for energy. Sounds good, but how can you live energy neutral?
WOZ value
The WOZ Value stands for Valuation Real Estate. But what exactly do you know about this value?
Buyer's fees
Buyer's costs are the additional costs for the purchase of your property. What should you take into account?
Provisional purchase contract
A provisional purchase contract sounds non-binding, but is it? We'll give you all the ins and outs!
Free by name
Buy a house free by name (v.o.n.). What are the benefits & differences with buyer's costs?

It starts with vb&t Makelaars

The real estate agents of vb&t Makelaars can optimally support you with the sale of your house or apartment. Because of the many years of experience of our real estate agents in the province of Noord-Brabant, they know better than anyone what is going on in the local housing market. Together with you they determine a competitive asking price and give you advice on the presentation of your house or apartment.

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