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Event for internationals

Dreaming of a new home starts with vb&t and Freek Hypotheek!
When: Thursday 2 June, 18:00-20:00
Where: vb&t (Vestdijk 180, Eindhoven)

Do you want to buy, refinance or renovate a house? Then of course you want to know which important things you should pay attention to. Freek Hypotheek Eindhoven can take care of this for you, because they go further than other mortgage advisers! Freek takes care of your mortgage and will give you tips and tricks during this event!

Are you interested in a new house or do you want more concrete information about the housing market in Eindhoven, Helmond or Den Bosch? During this event, Vb&t Makelaars will tell you about both new construction and existing housing constructions that are available. Their brokers are happy to speak with you!

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Freek Hypotheek and vb&t are Official Partners of Holland Expat Center South.

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