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Yvanka Sharma: A spider in the web

My name is Yvanka Sharma and I have been working as a Hospitality Manager at vb&t Nieuwbouwmakelaars since February 2022.

If people have questions about one of our rental or sales projects, it is very likely that I will be there to answer them. We strive to keep response times short and treat everyone with a dose of friendliness. I am currently training to become a real estate agent in the evenings, so the choice to work for vb&t Nieuwbouwmakelaars was easily made. I love being able to help people and I find the diversity of the people I speak to very interesting.

Our department works with various platforms, such as Eye-Move, Effytool and OSRE, in order to provide our consumers with the best possible service. Eye-Move is used for our planning, and most new-build projects can be found here. The system is linked to both our own website and Funda, so you can arrange everything in one central place and it is automatically linked. Another system that is used for renting and selling new properties is OSRE, where the other projects can be found. Through this system, the entire rental and/or sales process is tracked from the first step to the final result.

Apart from speaking to people, I have various other duties that I am responsible for. These I carry out via the platform Effytool. Via Effytool I offer purchase acts and building contracts for signing to both the buyer and the contractor and principal. Through this system I also send invoices to our clients.

In addition, I am responsible for our marketing, for example posting social media messages on various social media channels. Here we share our current offers and all the news relating to new builds. House hunters are also kept up to date with our monthly newsletter.

In a nutshell, I support the department where necessary. Together with the entire team, we do our utmost every day with great pleasure to make the new construction department run like a well-oiled machine!

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