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Want to sell your property successfully? Then put vb&t estate agents to work! The local housing market in the Eindhoven region holds no secrets for our estate agents. They take care of everything, from the first viewing to signing the sales agreement. Would you prefer us to support you in certain phases of the sale or purchase? Even then our estate agents will be happy to help you. The sale of your house always starts with a free valuation. With this we determine without any obligations what%26nbsp;your house is worth%26nbsp;in Eindhoven! This is how you get to know us and you will notice that we like to get the most out of selling your house. How do we do that? By making optimal use of our years of knowledge and experience!

Estate agent in Eindhoven

Do you want to sell your house in Eindhoven? Or are you looking for a new home in Eindhoven and its surroundings? Then you have come to the right place at vb&t estate agents in Eindhoven. Our specialised estate agents know from experience that buying and selling a house is not easy. During the process you may have to deal with valuations, building inspections and a lot of paperwork. If you do not have the necessary expertise, it is difficult to get the best result. In many cases, this means you will either buy an overpriced house or sell your current home for too low a price. To avoid this, it is smart to hire a professional estate agent. With your own real estate agent in Eindhoven, you are never alone. Together, we'll make sure the home buying and selling process stays fun!

Selling your home in Eindhoven

Do you want to sell your home in Eindhoven? Then vb&t Makelaars is ready for you. With our years of experience of the Eindhoven housing market, we can help you get the best result. By this, we do not only mean a good price, but also a fast and professional sale. Personal contact between estate agent and seller is a high priority for us. We understand that selling your home is an important (and sometimes emotional) step in your life. Therefore, we would like to briefly explain the sales process at vb&t Makelaars.

The working method of our estate agents in Eindhoven

When you ask us for help selling your home, we first schedule an introductory meeting. During this meeting we can perform the free valuation and there is plenty of time to answer questions, as well as to get to know the estate agent. Then we get to work for you, and start making a so-called sales strategy. In this strategy, we take into account the target group, the selling price and the construction of the house. For example, is your house suitable for young families or for people over 50? The answer to this question can influence how we offer the house.

Once we have determined the strategy, the house will be put up for sale on Funda and our own website. Your sales agent in Eindhoven will keep you informed throughout the process, and guide you until the sales contract is signed to your satisfaction.

Purchase broker in Eindhoven

We can not only help you sell your current home, but also purchase a new one. After all, finding the perfect home can be a long process when you don't know where to look. Are you looking for a house in Eindhoven or surroundings? Then we will be happy to help you!

The purchase process starts with an introductory meeting. During this meeting you will not only meet the estate agent, but you will also discuss your living wishes together. Here you can think about the number of bedrooms, a large garden or a primary school within walking distance. Then we can start looking for the perfect home together. We have been working as estate agents in Eindhoven for years, so we are quickly up to date with the latest developments in the housing market. But our work only really begins when you have found the home of your dreams. For example, we can negotiate the price and the sales contract for you.

Our housing offer in Eindhoven

We have been working as estate agents in Eindhoven and the surrounding area for many years and have built up a large professional network. This is not only useful when finding a new home, but also when selling your current home. For example, we can easily reach the perfect target group. In some cases, your house may even exactly match the wishes of another client. This ensures a quick sale, without any hassle. We are also very involved in new construction projects in the city, allowing our clients to view both old town houses and new flats. Is your dream home not currently for sale? On our website, you can register for future housing offers. This way we always keep you up to date with the latest developments on the Eindhoven housing market.

Free valuation in Eindhoven

Before you can sell your house, it is of course important to know what your house is worth in its current state. That is why you can come to vb&t estate agents for a free valuation. This valuation is completely free of obligation, so you are not immediately committed.

We are happy to visit you to value your home. We take the time to look at your house both inside and outside. After all, there are many points that can influence the value of a house. Consider, for example, the plot, the finish and the energy label of the house. Our estate agents are specialised in valuing houses, which allows us to quickly determine the best selling price. Are you satisfied with the amount? Then we will be happy to help you sell your home further. But let's not get ahead of ourselves, and start with the free valuation. Contact our estate agents in Eindhoven today for that free valuation.

Our team in Eindhoven

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