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You want to hire a real estate agent in Helmond to sell or buy your home. What can an estate agent do for you and how does he or she work? At vb&t Makelaars, you decide how we work together for success! We can relieve you of all your worries, or you can hire us for certain phases of the selling or buying process. To match your wishes with our services, we would like to get in touch with you personally. Want to know how a sales process always starts with us? We start the sale of a house with afree valuation%26nbsp;of your home in Helmond or surroundings. This is how we get to know each other and whether you like our way of working. This is very important when selling your most expensive possession.

Estate agent in Helmond

Looking for a real estate agent to help you sell or buy a home in Helmond? Then you have come to the right place! Helmond is a very popular city to live in, with many possibilities when it comes to houses. vb&t estate agents has been one of the largest estate agencies in Helmond and the surrounding area for years. Our estate agents not only have the necessary knowledge of the housing market, but are also personally involved in the entire buying and selling process. This is important, especially when the housing market is as busy as it is now. Are you curious about the possibilities? Then meet our estate agents free of charge and without obligation. We are happy to help you buy or sell a home.

Selling a house or flat in Helmond

Our estate agents are happy to help you sell your current home. Whether it is an old town house or a modern flat, we are here for you. In an initial introductory meeting, we will listen to your wishes and together draw up a sales plan. The focus of this plan is of course on finding the right buyer for your house. Here, we take into account the location, the target group and the selling price.

Our estate agents specialise in promoting homes on the Helmond housing market. Of course, we make sure the house is well visible on Funda and our own website, but we can also use our large network within Helmond. Perhaps one of our own clients is the perfect buyer for your home. While selling your house in Helmond, we look after your interests and ensure that the sale of your home is as stress-free as possible. So that you can focus on finding a new home in the meantime (if necessary).

Purchase broker in Helmond

Helmond is a diverse city, with both old town houses and modern new construction projects. It is therefore not surprising that more and more people are looking for a house in Helmond. Residential areas such as Dierdonk, the Groene Loper and the old city centre are very popular. In order to get the best home on the market, it is important to hire a good estate agent. As a purchase broker in Helmond, we know the Helmond housing market like the back of our hand. Moreover, thanks to our connections in the city, we are often among the first to know which homes are for sale.

Our estate agents guide you through the entire buying process. It starts with an introductory meeting in which you make your wishes known. Then we will visit several houses. Have you found your dream home? Then our work really begins. We will make you an offer and possibly negotiate with the seller. We will continue to assist you until all contracts are signed to your complete satisfaction. Together, we will make sure you get the most beautiful pearl on the housing market.

Our housing offer in Helmond

Helmond is a city with many different properties. For example, in the old city centre you will find characterful old town houses, while in the modern neighbourhoods such as Dierdonk you will find mainly new-build homes. Whether you are looking for a modern flat or an authentic 1930s house: we can help you. Our estate agents know Helmond's housing stock through and through: from simple starter homes to spacious villas in the city's suburbs.

Helmond's popularity means speed is of the essence on the housing market. Many people miss out because they react too late to new housing offers. To avoid disappointment, it is smart to hire an estate agent in Helmond. Our estate agents not only keep a close eye on the housing market, but also have good connections in Helmond and the surrounding area. This ensures that in many cases vb&t estate agents are among the first to know which homes are for sale. This often puts our clients one step ahead of people who only look on Funda, for example. Would you like to know more about our housing offer in Helmond? Then get in touch with us. Of course, you are also more than welcome to visit our office.

Free valuation in Helmond without any obligation

Before you can sell your house, you obviously want to know what it is worth. You can come to us for a free valuation in Helmond. Our estate agents are specialised in valuing homes and can quickly give you a good indication of the selling price. So you know immediately where you stand. Have you become enthusiastic? Then contact us for an introductory talk and a free, no-obligation valuation.

For the valuation, one of our estate agents in Helmond is happy to visit you at home. We will inspect the property both outside and inside. We will take into account all important aspects, such as the surface of the plot, the energy label and the finishing level of the house. In most cases, the valuation will take no more than 60 minutes. After the inspection, we can give a good indication of the selling price. Are you satisfied with this amount? Then we will be happy to help you in the sales process of your home.

Our team in Helmond

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Marketing & Communicatie adviseur
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Directie assistente
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Hospitality Manager
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RMT makelaar
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Vastgoedadviseur nieuwbouw
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