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Both vb&t Estate Agents and vb&t Letting Agents are very aware that real estate is subject to constant change. These changes are already in full swing, especially in new construction, especially considering digitalisation. The majority of all (rental) new construction projects are marketed through their own project website. This project website is then linked to a digital customer file from which all communication will take place. Personal contact is sometimes lost in this process. It is up to us to maintain this important aspect.

For this reason, we have put together a new construction team that operates in collaboration with vb&t Verhuurmakelaars. Together with our clients, the right strategy will be determined. We are convinced that the right strategy makes an important contribution to the success of every project. We communicate with the other stakeholders, such as the marketing agency and option managers.

A single point of contact for you as a client, which is very convenient!

Buying a new house

Buying a new home is not the same as buying an existing one. In many cases, you do not have the opportunity to view the house beforehand. With new-build projects, you often have seen nothing more than a construction drawing and impression photos before you decide to buy. We understand better than anyone how much stress and tension this causes.

vb&t Nieuwbouwmakelaars is very involved in several new-build projects in the Netherlands, and our years of experience allow us to call ourselves specialists in new-build brokerage. We are therefore happy to help you buy the perfect new-build home. Our estate agents are at your service and will guide you through the entire process: from registration to the delivery of your dream home. Are you looking for a new home, or do you have questions about one of our projects? Then get in touch with us!

Register for future housing offers

Are you looking for a new home, but haven't found the right location yet? Then we can help you too. For many new construction projects we work with a registration period. This means that the new housing estate is announced, and people can register when they are interested.

Are you late for this registration deadline? Then chances are that most of the homes have already been sold to other buyers. We understand how annoying it is to miss out, which is why you can register for future housing offers on our website. Leave your e-mail so we can notify you when new construction projects start. Together, we will make sure you don't miss a single deadline and increase your chances of finding the new home of your dreams.

New construction projects throughout the Netherlands

Due to the recent busy housing market, more and more new construction projects are being launched in the Netherlands. This means that as an individual, you have more chances of getting your hands on a new-build home. However, then you need to know that these projects exist. The estate agents of vb&t are very involved in several new construction projects throughout the Netherlands. This means that in many cases we are among the first to be informed about new construction projects or future housing offers.

This does not only apply to owner-occupied houses, but also to new rental houses and apartment complexes. We know better than anyone else what is going on in the housing market, and can help you find your dream home. Are you looking for a new home near you? Then we would love to hear from you.

New construction in Eindhoven

Eindhoven is a very popular city to live in. It is therefore not surprising that the municipality has started many new construction projects in recent years. These projects range from apartment complexes in the city centre to new residential areas on the outskirts of the city. We are very involved in new construction in Eindhoven, and keep a close eye on the housing market. Are you looking for a new home in Eindhoven? Then get in touch with us. Together we will make sure that you stay informed about current and future new construction projects in and around the city.

New construction in Amsterdam

Although Amsterdam is the largest city in the Netherlands, many people there still struggle to find housing. As a solution to the housing shortage in Amsterdam, the municipality has given the green light to many new construction projects in the capital. This means that a lot of new homes will be built in the coming years. Are you looking for a property in Amsterdam? Then it is important to act fast. We are happy to help you through the entire buying process, from finding your dream house to signing the sales contract.

New construction in Helmond

In recent years, the population of Helmond has grown enormously. This growth is partly due to the number of new construction projects being started, to keep the city young and vibrant. Think not only of new starter homes and apartment complexes, but also of spacious residential areas. vb&t Makelaars is very involved in all new construction projects in Helmond. This means that we are often one of the first to know about new construction plans. Are you looking for a property in Helmond? Then get in touch with us. We will be happy to help you in your search for the perfect new home.

Renting a flat in a new construction project

Besides building new housing estates, many cities are also investing in the construction of new flats. Flats take up less space, and in many cases can be built within walking distance of the best city facilities such as universities and shopping centres. Just like a newly built house, most new flats come with all kinds of modern extras.

Newly built flats are therefore often very popular. It is therefore important to respond as soon as possible when one goes on sale. Are you looking for a flat? Then we will be happy to help you. Contact us for an informal introductory meeting, or register (on our website) to stay informed about future housing offers in your area.

Our new construction team

Bregje Visser
Christel Nooijen - van Lierop
Directie assistente
Inge Lewandowski
Vastgoedadviseur nieuwbouw
Karlijn Kraan
Vastgoedadviseur nieuwbouw
Patricia Verhappen-Goudswaard

What can you expect from us?

Thanks to our extensive experience, we can assist you in practically all facets of selling and letting new constructions.

Option systems

vb&t Verhuurmakelaars is familiar with various option systems and customer files that are currently active on the market. Depending on the location and target group, we determine the right system in consultation with the client. Thanks to our extensive experience with the different systems, we can guarantee that you as a client will not (or no longer) experience any problems with long-winded rental processes.

Marketing agencies

We’ve gained extensive experience with various marketing agencies. We’re happy to advise you when making a choice. The marketing strategy is very decisive in terms of reaching our target group.

Third-party letting

If the project is not in our direct vicinity, we’ll be happy to consult with a number of local real estate agents. If a partnership is entered into, the commission will be divided. However, final responsibility remains with us as the principal agent. The principal real estate agent (vb&t) is responsible for the financial screening of prospective tenants and drawing up the rental agreements.


We’ll be happy to take care of the entire process from vetting the prospects to signing the rental agreements. Of course, we manage everything through our vb&t Property Management department, which means that all final inspections are conducted by us as well.

  • Financial screening
  • Drawing up rental agreements
  • Signing the rental agreements
  • Arranging the transfer, if necessary


The size of a project means that marketing and timing are crucial to ensure sales are successful. Therefore, we like to think along with you about the marketing approach at an early stage. We have interesting contracts with our suppliers enabling us to obtain reduced rates. Examples include:

  1. Good artist impressions! These help consumers imagining their future home. We can arrange for 3D visuals to be made. Special 3D glasses allow future residents to imagine themselves in their own homes. These 3D visuals also ensure better findability on the Funda property side.
  2. Drone photo, drone video.
  3. Maps, 2D and 3D
  4. Creation of a professional brochure, flyer, postcards, etc.
  5. Creation of a Facebook page and having it managed by the advertising agency. A one-off campaign aimed at obtaining as many likes as possible.
  6. Registration with the Funda property side! Offering many tools, such as 360-degree pictures, 3D visuals and floor plans increases findability.
  7. Organising a rental event at the construction site.
  8. We can, of course, also advise you on initiatives in combination with other forms of social media and other marketing tools. We will be happy to explain the possibilities in the form of a presentation at our office in Eindhoven.