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The decision was made to start looking for a new home! This is not as easy as buying a loaf of bread from your local bakery obviously. vb&t Makelaars is here to prevent you from slipping up and is happy to help you in the search for your new home.

You find it hard to find a suitable home and would like complete support from the right person. Purchase assistance will be the right option for you. We will look for your dream home with your personalized wish list in hand.

How to start?

The process of buying a property can be quite exciting and is not something you do every year. We understand if you may have questions. There is a good chance that your living requirements will change as you gather more knowledge and information during the process. It is important to be well-informed in advance of all the steps that have to be taken. We distinguish three stages when purchasing a home: preparation, viewing and the final purchase. We are, of course, happy to help during every phase!

Can you afford it?

Starting to look for luxury villas without fully understanding your financial resources would be unwise. Being well-prepared financially is half the battle won! Freek Hypotheek mortgage consultants are here to help you get a clear understanding and insight into your possibilities. And who knows…perhaps you can afford that luxury villa after all!

Start the process with a professional at hand.

Thanks to many years of experience, we know the housing market like our sandbox. This makes us the perfect housing-helpline to call! Whether it concerns finding a new home, negotiating the terms and conditions or the final purchase of the home; we’re here to help.

Making an offer is an art on its own. A number of things have to be considered. It involves a little bit more than stating a random price. We are masters in negotiating the right price! This involves much more than just the price. Are you interested in taking over the curtain rails, thus saving you the hassle of having to put up your own? Perhaps that trendy display cabinet in the corner would complement your interior far better? Or maybe you have other special wishes in terms of the transfer? Or other conditions? We’re one step ahead!

We are here!

Feeling a bit anxious after reading all this? Don’t be, we’re here to make this a worry free process. Easie! Just sit back and relax.

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Appointing a property purchase consultant is a good move when buying your new home. The property consultant who acts on behalf of the sellers will do everything to secure the highest possible price. In order to prevent him from bleeding you completely dry, vb&t Makelaars is here to protect you! When acting on your behalf, your interest as the buyer is paramount. Together, we stand strong against the other party!

We are your confidential advisers!

Buying a new house is nonetheless a fun and important step in your life. In order to prevent ending up with the home from hell, it is very important not to buy a house on the hoof, but to do this with due care and consideration. In addition to the financial and legal aspects, the emotional side of things is very important too. Is it a wise choice? Do you feel at home in the new house? These and many other questions may pop up. We are your confidential advisers throughout the process and point out all the advantages and disadvantages with regard to each and every property and give you detailed advice on this.

Our job is to make your life easy!

Acting as your property purchase consultants, we inspect the property you want to buy. Of course, we check for unwanted guests in the form of woodworm and whether the roof is strong and safe, thereby preventing any nasty surprises after the purchase. Through our structural, financial and legal insights, we can reveal and identify all relevant points that may apply to the house.

As soon as we have found a new home for you, the next process starts: the negotiations. We don’t want you to pay too much for the house, of course, so we’ll try and get the best possible deal for you!

But we do more! We also complete the entire purchase process. Our objective is to provide you with a full-service solution!

We are ready to help you

Our colleagues at vb&t Makelaars will be happy to help you.

For more information or a no-obligation appointment, please feel free to contact us.

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