Karla Wester 13 juli 2021

vb&t Makelaars and Move & Rent are working together!

Your smart & sustainable solution.
Did you know that 10.5 Mio tonnes of furniture are produced every year in Europe and only 10% are reused & recycled? The time of hyper-consumption is over, we need to consume differently and responsibly. This is why vb&t Makelaars / Easie and Move & Rent are partnering to offer you the best and most sustainable furniture rental service. Select your furniture, choose your contract duration and we take care of the rest.

Move & Rent offers:
New furniture only
Flexible rental contract duration
All-inclusive service: delivery, assembly, installation and return.
Sustainable impact: we give a second life to furniture and are committed to zero waste.

Discover the packs of Move & Rent here.


A global eco-friendly concept.
Since its creation in 2012, Move & Rent has been built around the concept of circular economy & on values of eco-responsibility and solidarity:

No stock, no warehouse: a real just-in-time and tailor-made logistic work for a better carbon footprint.
Zero waste: a second life for all furniture at the end of the contract.
Solidarity: we regularly donate furniture to charities (Red Cross, Salvation Army,etc.).

Move & Rent and vb&t Makelaars both believe in tailor-made proposals. Exceeding expectations is key to customer satisfaction. Find the accomodation of your dream and furnish it with the furniture you like!

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