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10 tips: Inspect property before transfer

Has your property finally been sold or have you been able to buy your dream home? If so, an inspection should take place before the transfer, but what should all be looked at? Below are 10 handy tips you can use to inspect your property before a transfer.

Tip 1: Engage an estate agent

Contact a good estate agent who can be present with you during the inspection. An estate agent can help you throughout the buying or selling process and knows all about the inspection procedure.

Tip 2: Check meter readings

Make sure that during the inspection the readings of the water, electricity and gas meters are also checked and written down. After all, you will need this data from the suppliers after the move.

Tip 3: Electrical appliances

Make sure all electrical appliances in the property such as kitchen appliances, fans, spotlights and the like are working properly. If anything is faulty, it should be noted immediately during the inspection.

Tip 4: Keys

Check to what extent all keys to the new house are present during the handover. Also consider keys to the bedrooms, storage room, attic, shed, fencing, cupboards and the like. In addition, check whether the windows and doors open and close properly and whether the hinges and locks are in good condition.

Tip 5: Water and plumbing

An inspection will also check whether all taps, the shower and the toilet are functioning optimally. This is because the toilet should flush properly, the water should flow properly from the tap and attention is also paid to heating water.

Tip 6: Furniture

Make clear arrangements about the movable items present. Some buyers want all movable items removed from the property while others want to take over the property inclusive.

Tip 7: Property insurance

It should be checked whether the property insurance has been terminated by the seller and to what extent the new buyer has already arranged this insurance.

Tip 8: The heating system

Make sure that the heating/boiler is working correctly and set the thermostat to 25 degrees so that the inspector can feel that the heaters are working properly.

Tip 9: Tidying up and cleaning

The property should be completely tidied and cleaned. Pay attention to every floor and do not skip any room.

Tip 10: Light

During the inspection of a house, all light switches and knobs are checked. This is because the house should have optimal lighting both inside and outside.

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