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Buy a flat roof window at Bouw-Handel

A flat roof window is a special window that is installed in the roof. It is a beautiful glass dome that offers many advantages. For example, it provides a beautiful light incidence into a room. As the light comes from above, the first rays of sunlight of the day will stream in through the skylight and illuminate the room in a beautiful and efficient way. A flat roof window is installed in a professional manner so that it is also burglar proof. You will also not be bothered by noise from outside or the heat. Some people are afraid of a lot of heat coming in through the roof window, but this is not the case. You have a choice of different types of flat roof windows. For example, you can choose between electric and manual ventilation. Matching blinds are also available for the roof windows. With these you can block the sunrays even better.

Different sizes and types

You have the choice of different sizes and types of flat roof windows. The flat skylights, as they are also called, are available in eleven different sizes. The skylights are fitted with triple glazing. If you want more insulation, for instance for sound or heat, you can also choose quadruple glazing. Quadruple glazing is also called the DU8 version. The skylight is constructed from various layers of glass and sturdy materials so that the window remains well fixed and is also burglar-resistant. With a beautiful skylight like this one, your rooms will have a nice appearance and you will always benefit from efficient use of light. Even the most difficult corners of the room will be nicely lit and can be conveniently screened by means of the blinds that can be fitted. See the possibilities and put together your own roof window.

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