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Buying a house in Eindhoven: 10 tips

Do you want to take the step of buying your own home in Eindhoven? Buying a house is a big event in your life that involves a lot of things. That is why we have ten tips for you for buying a home in Eindhoven.

10 tips for buying a home in Eindhoven

1. Look for a house that fits your budget

In Eindhoven people often bid above the asking price for a home. You may have the tendency to bid too high when you have found your dream home because you don't want someone else to steal it from you. To avoid this, it is wise to get your financial picture clear before you start looking for a house. Once you have determined what your financial possibilities are and how much you can borrow, you can start looking for a house that fits your budget.

2. Always look at different houses

It is also wise to look at more houses in your price range if you are going to buy a house in Eindhoven, even houses that are not your first choice. Houses always look different in a picture, so you never know what you think of them until you have seen them in real life.

3. Make a wish list of what you want the house to be like

Before you start looking, make a list of your wishes and requirements. These could be things like where you want to live in Eindhoven, a garden, a garage or a supermarket within walking distance. Divide the wishes into 'essential' and 'nice to have' and take the list with you as a checklist when you go and view houses.

4. Make a search in Funda for your dream house

With the list you made at point 4, you can also place a search request at a website like Funda if you want to buy a house in Eindhoven. You will receive a daily email from Funda with the houses that your search has yielded.

5. Take future plans into account

You usually buy a house for the long term. Take into account future plans, for example if you are thinking of extending your family. Check whether there is a school within walking distance, whether the house has a garden and whether it is possible to build an extension or an annex.

6. Get to know the neighbourhood before buying a house

It is also very important to know what kind of neighbourhood the house you want to buy is in. Look for parking facilities, pubs or thoroughfares that may cause noise pollution and the possibilities of public transport.

7. Always do a second viewing

Always do a second viewing when you have found a house. Plan the visit preferably at another time of day so you can see what the house looks like in different light. Moreover, this way you can take a closer look at the things you have doubts about and you will see more details the second time around.

8. Don't let your emotions get the better of you

Because the purchase of a house is such a big event, it quickly becomes difficult to keep emotions out of the buying process. But try to keep a cool head and take the time to make your decision. Decide based on facts and not your feelings in order to avoid making a bad purchase.

9. Ask the selling estate agent to keep you informed

When you have found your dream home, ask the selling estate agent to keep you informed of any developments, such as bids from another potential buyer. This will prevent the property from suddenly being sold and your dream home from passing you by.

10. Let a buying agent help you

Do you want to be sure that you go through all the steps properly when you are going to buy a house in Eindhoven? Then call in the help of a buying agent who is affiliated with the NVM who can completely unburden you during the buying process.

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