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Cylinder locks

When you have bought a nice new house, it is of course important to secure it properly. Securing your property begins with the front door. But how can you best do this?

Anti-burglary strips

One of the most important things to secure your door is to place an additional anti-burglary strip. Your door can be as solid as it is and your lock as secure as it is, if you don't fully lock the door and someone comes with a piece of plastic, it is still sometimes possible to get the door open by means of flipping. Also, the chance that a door can be broken open with a piece of crowbar is much smaller because a crowbar cannot be put between the door.

Good quality cylinder locks

Not every cylinder lock is safe; when you are looking for a good lock it is good to know what differences there are. On the Doorax website there is information about the SKG quality mark. SKG stands for Quality Foundation for Building and is an independent body that tests locks and hinges for strength and durability. The SKG quality mark has three levels and by means of the number of stars from 1 to 3 it is indicated how safe a lock is. Each star indicates how many minutes a lock can keep out a burglar.

SKG 1 locks

For locks with the SKG quality mark of 1 star, it should be taken into account that a cylinder lock is susceptible to burglary. An SKG 1 lock keeps a burglar approximately 3 minutes outside the door, so it is not completely safe. A lock with a SKG 1 quality mark can of course be used in combination with a lock with a higher SKG quality mark as an extra security.

SKG 2 locks

Locks with an SKG 2 approval are the most common locks. These locks keep burglars out for longer than 3 minutes and are therefore much safer than SKG 1 locks.

SKG 3 locks

Cylinder locks with an SKG 3 approval are the most secure cylinder locks available. Cylinder locks with an SKG 3 quality mark keep burglars out for at least 5 minutes. An SKG 3 certification is therefore seen as a heavy burglar resistance.

A good security fitting

For a cylinder lock, don't only look at the number of SKG stars but also look at the rest of the door such as the previously mentioned anti-burglary strips. A good security fitting protects the cylinder lock so that pulling the key, the most popular burglary method at the moment, is prevented. A good security fitting of high quality and protects the cylinder lock from breaking and your home from burglary.

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