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Do you want to improve the energy label of your house?

When you improve the energy label of your house, you can save on your monthly energy costs. But how do you improve your energy label and where do you start? We would like to explain to you the smartest way to do it;

The worst insulated houses have a label G and the most energy efficient houses have energy label A+++. When selling a house, the energy label must already be present to be able to place the house online. The label says a lot about the energy efficiency of the house. It has an increasing effect on the selling price of a house, because of the continuing increase in energy costs. Enough reasons to improve the energy label prior to the sale. You might not opt for solar panels or a heat pump right away, but it starts with properly insulating the house.

Insulating your house

It is important to ensure that your home is properly insulated before opting for renewable energy sources. When the house simply loses heat, installing an energy-efficient central heating boiler, for example, does not have much effect. The following are effective insulation measures:

  • Floor insulation

  • Roof insulation

  • Cavity wall insulation

Placing HR++ glass also has a big effect. Then the question is to what extent you can insulate yourself or whether you need to call in specialists. And what do these forms of insulation actually entail?

Floor insulation

Did you know that the house also cools because of rising cold from under the house? With floor insulation you can stop the cold better. This reduces your heating costs. In houses with a high crawl space, installing floor insulation yourself is easy. In the crawl space you attach insulating parts to the underside of the floor, for example boards or thermos pillows.

Another way is with granules that are injected under the floor, also known as insulation beads. These reduce the rising cold and cover the floor. This type of insulation is very suitable for houses with low crawl spaces.

Roof insulation

A lot of heat is lost through a poorly insulated roof. The roof is one of the biggest wasters of energy. Warm air rises and has a chance to leave the house. In addition, on very hot days, it is difficult to keep the heat out and the heat stays in the house longer.

Not all roofs are easy to insulate. You can hire a professional, but with some skill you can also insulate your roof yourself. But do it in the right way. Not sure? Then call in help. If you choose to insulate from the inside, you can possibly do it yourself.

Cavity wall insulation

Cavity wall insulation is not something you should do yourself, even though it is not a complicated method of insulation. The cavity of the wall is filled with an insulating material. Various materials can be used for this, such as rock wool, EPS beads or glass wool. For the installation of cavity wall insulation you should definitely call in a professional.

Insulating your house is step one towards a better energy label. After insulation you choose for sustainable energy sources. The effect of the chosen insulation on the energy label of your house will only become clear after the work has been carried out. The energy label also depends on the energy consumption of your home.

Did you know that you can arrange for an energy label at vb&t? An inspector will visit the house and make sure that the energy label is correct. You can apply for this via Would you like to know more about improving the sustainability of your home? Then have a look at Redo (

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