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Do you want to treat your floor with a coating? Here is what to look out for

The floor coating price is part of what makes floor coatings so popular. It is an affordable option, particularly for industry and shops. Laying a new floor in a shop often results in a hefty bill. After all, the floor of a shop or factory has to meet many requirements. The floor must be able to bear enough weight and it must be possible for many people to walk on it every day without it damaging the floor. A floor coating meets all these requirements. Floor coating is also a budget option for households. You even have the option of laying the floor yourself. That way you save even more on labour costs.

Pouring your own floor coating

For the daredevils who dare to do floor coating themselves, there are also packages. That way you don't have to buy everything separately and you have everything you need to apply the coating yourself. Before you buy such a package, you need to measure the number of square metres and decide what colour floor you want. Once you have the package, you can start laying the floor. The first thing to do is to check the subfloor. The sub-floor has to be clean and free of grease, but perhaps most important, the floor has to be level. If there is any damage in the floor, it has to be repaired first or it will show in the end result. When the subfloor has been prepared, you can apply the first layer, which is called the primer layer. You always start with the primer layer at the edges, only then do you apply the entire surface. This layer must dry for between 18 and 36 hours. You can also choose not to use a primer coat. This is usually the case when there is already a concrete floor. Then you skip the primer coating step. After the primer layer, it is time for the coating. The coating is in the colour that you have chosen. As with the primer coat, you start with the floor coating at the edges. When you have finished all the edges, you pour the rest of the coating in strips over the rest of the floor. You roll out the strips with a roller. This layer should also be left to dry for between 18 and 36 hours. If you still don't have all the answers after this explanation, you can also find all kinds of instructional videos on the internet.

How much does a floor coating cost?

Because every job is different, there is no fixed price for floor coating. The price depends on various factors, such as the condition of the subfloor, the number of square metres and whether you want to have it done or do it yourself. Floor coating is priced per square metre. The larger the space, the lower the price per square metre. They do this to make it attractive to have the largest possible area done. In addition, all the material and tools are already present, so it doesn't cost a company a lot of extra money to cast more surface.

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