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Five special places in the Netherlands

For a successful holiday, you don't have to travel far at all. There is more than enough to experience in the Netherlands. It is therefore not surprising that more and more people go on holiday in their own country. Through villaspot you can find the most beautiful accommodations that complete the holiday feeling. To find out where to go in the Netherlands, we have listed five beautiful places for you.

1: South Limburg

The South Limburg region is a special region in the Netherlands. South Limburg has beautiful hills, marl caves and an authentic atmosphere. The terraces offer delicious food and there is plenty to see for lovers of historical sights. If you're looking for a holiday home Netherlands are looking for, it is definitely worth checking out South Limburg.

2: Drenthe

Not to be missed is also Drenthe. In Drenthe, you can experience more than most people know. From special sights like the dolmens, to a profound piece of history in camp Westerbork. There are also plenty of theme parks and other activities in Drenthe. This makes it a suitable destination for a holiday with a larger group. A holiday home 12 persons can be suitable for that, for example.

3: Zeeland

Zeeland is a destination with lots of beaches. That makes it a great place to spend wonderful holidays in your own country. Many holiday homes can be found within walking distance of the beach. Whether you want to go away with a group of friends or the family, Zeeland could be suitable for that. The beach offers many activities. Go blokarting, surfing, beach volleyball or kiting. A holiday where you don't have to be bored.

4: The Veluwe

The Veluwe is the most beautiful and largest nature reserve in the Netherlands. For many different flora and fauna, this is the right place to be. In the forests and on the vast meadows, you can spot all kinds of beautiful wild animals. Think wild boar, deer or special migratory birds. You can also enjoy cycling and hiking. With a holiday in the Veluwe, you can really unwind in green surroundings.

5: North Holland

The most beautiful destinations in the Netherlands can be found in the province of North Holland. Whether on the Ijsselmeer side, in the central part of the province or on the North Holland coast, there are enough locations for a successful holiday. For example, book a holiday home in the dunes, within walking distance of the beach

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