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Having doormats made to measure

A doormat often cannot be missing at the front or back door. But, not all doormats go well with the interior. In addition, not all doormats can fit in a hatch either. Therefore, it is advisable to have a doormat custom-made. Not only does the mat look nicer when you do this, but in addition, it is much safer when the mat stays well in place, as it cannot be tripped over. A handy doormat that you can have made to measure is a dry-running mat. With this mat, you will never have to worry about dirty floors again!

What is a dry walking mat?

A dry-walking mat is a mat that allows you to dry the soles of your shoes. You can think of this mat as a kind of towel for your shoe soles. The fibres of the mat are quite soft and have an absorbent effect. Because the fibres are open and often a bit stiffer, they not only absorb moisture, but also ensure that dirt is not left under the shoe soles. Keep in mind that you always place a dry walking mat indoors. It is not a mat suitable for outdoors, as it gets dirty and damp outside.%26nbsp;

The advantages of a dry-walking mat

A dry-walk mat is often cheap to buy. A dry-walking mat is a multifunctional doormat that not only absorbs moisture but also removes dirt from the soles of shoes. A dry-walking mat is indispensable. Moisture on a wooden floor can be very harmful. The moisture absorbs and this can cause the wood to expand. With a dry walking mat, you make sure that the soles of your shoes are thoroughly dry before you enter the house. You also save yourself trouble with cleaning, because the dry walking mat also cleans your shoes. As a result, you will no longer find footprints in your home.

Have a doormat made

You can buy doormats, such as dry walking mats, in many shops. For instance, you can possibly buy them at DIY stores or home improvement shops. These doormats are then not custom-made. This means that the mat might not fit your interior properly, cannot be placed in the right way and is not personalised. By choosing to have your made-to-measure doormat doormat, you ensure that it can be placed in the right way. For example, you can have the doormat framed or placed in a hatch. In addition, you also have the choice of different colours and it is even possible to have your doormat personalised by having a logo printed on it, for example. This is especially nice if you have a business or if you like having a personal text printed on it. Finally, you won't trip over a custom-made doormat so easily either, as it fits exactly in place.%26nbsp;

With a custom-made doormat, you are guaranteed to have a beautiful and functional addition for the hallway.

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