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Helpful tips when hiring a real estate agent

With the housing shortage, people are anxious to get a home. Thereby, a real estate agent is extremely helpful as a party to get this done. However, do you not know much about hiring estate agents? And do you want to make sure that everything goes well? Then you should definitely read this blog. Here you will discover some crucial tips to ensure that hiring an estate agent goes smoothly. So be sure to make use of these.

Work out the finances clearly

First of all, it is important to find out the financial aspects of hiring a real estate agent. What is the price, what will you get in return and how will you pay for it? If you have these points clear, then hiring a real estate agent is much easier. After all, you know where you stand and this will definitely prevent unpleasant situations.

Agree communication preferences

It is also important to agree on communication preferences with each other. If you prefer telephone contact, you should agree on this. Even if you prefer face-to-face contact, you should do so. This way, you avoid any ambiguities and the hiring of an estate agent goes smoothly. Generally, people like having a combination of both forms of contact.

Share a spare key that you can spare

Finally, it is important to give the estate agent a spare key that you can spare. This way, he/she can contact potential buyers outside your available hours. In addition, you avoid having to have a locksmith Amsterdam needed afterwards if you lose the key. So this is definitely something to consider.

All in all, hiring a real estate agent is quite simple if you observe the above tips. So be sure to take these to heart. You will then find out that hiring a real estate agent is not as complicated as you thought beforehand. We wish you good luck with this.

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