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Now that the days are getting colder and the weather more inclement, it's time again to make your home a cosy place. Of course your interior is very important for the atmosphere in your home and at Sissy-Boy we like to help you with this. At Sissy-Boy you will find not only beautiful furniture but also stylish home accessories. In this blog we will give you some inspiration on how to upgrade your home with accessories from Sissy-Boy.


If you like to add warmth to your interior, you could do so in the form of gold accessories. At Sissy-Boy we have selected a wide range of gold items for you. For example, we have cute decorative monkeys, but also golden bowls to put your jewellery on. The advantage of gold items is that you can place them in both quiet and present interiors. In addition, gold reflects light, which creates a warm atmosphere in the entire room.


An eyesore for many people is clutter in their interiors. It is therefore logical that you like to store loose things somewhere. At Sissy-Boy we have certainly thought about this and therefore we have an extensive collection of baskets with something for everyone. We have beautiful rattan baskets for fruit or keys for example, but also larger iron baskets to store plaids or toys. Present the smaller baskets nicely on the dining table, and the larger baskets next to the sofa or in the play area. Another proof that practicality can be beautiful too!

Wall accessories

Wall accessories are an addition to any interior. Brightening up the walls in your room can make a big difference. At Sissy-Boy we have different kinds of accessories, such as posters but also wall hangings. We also have fun, cheerful posters for children's rooms. Give your walls a bohemian look with a fun tapestry with fringes, or go for a minimalist look by choosing an abstract poster.

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