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How can I increase the value of my property?

Selling your house is quite exciting but can also be a bit stressful. Of course, you are curious as to whether your house will be sold and whether it will fetch enough money.

Many people buy a house as an investment. If you are smart, you continue to invest in your home after the purchase so that it retains its value or even increases in value.

If you want to ensure that you can ask a better price for your home, we have a number of tips below to make your home worth more when selling.

Tip 1. Improve the energy label of your home

An energy label is an indication of how energy-efficient your house is. The energy label is about the insulation of your house, how efficient the energy installations are and whether you generate your own energy by means of, for instance, solar panels. The A-label indicates that the house is the most economical in comparison, and a house with a G-label the least.

If you want to improve the energy label of your house, you can do a number of things. You can start by installing double glazing, for example. Double or triple glazing keeps the heat in in the winter and the house cool in the summer. It will also make a considerable difference on your energy bill at the end of the year compared to a house with single glass. You should also immediately install plastic window frames; these also provide better insulation, which increases the value of your home.

Other energy-saving measures such as installing solar panels, a well or energy-efficient heating can increase the value of your home.

Tip 2. Increase the living space of your home

The more living space your house has, the more it is worth. So if it is possible to increase your living space by building on the back of the house or constructing a veranda, you should certainly not neglect it. Installing a dormer window or a roof structure can also make an enormous difference to the living area and the cubic metres. Increasing the living space is not just something you should do for the next buyer. For your own living pleasure, it is also advisable to increase the living space where possible.

Tip 3: Do away with all the overdue maintenance

A buyer often has more money to spend on a house they can move into right away. All the overdue maintenance can be something a buyer falls over, so make sure you've got rid of all the odd jobs. Some examples are:

- Repainting flaking or discoloured paintwork

- Restore or replace window frames

- Sweep out gutters and repair where necessary

- Sweep flat roofs

- Cleaning the gutters and downspouts

- Check the roof for loose tiles

- Check electrics and replace sockets and switches where necessary

- Check brickwork and joints and add where necessary

- Replace old kitwork

- Sweep chimney

- Check the central heating boiler

Tip 4. Take care of outdoor areas such as the garden or balcony

An outdoor space like a garden or a balcony can quickly look neglected. If you want to sell your house, take care of the front and back gardens. The same goes for a balcony if you don't have a garden. Throw away all the garden furniture, old pots and neglected bikes. Pull dead plants from the ground, prune bushes and trees and cut the grass. Give the tiles of your terrace or the floor of your balcony a good going over and remove all green deposits. Replace broken tiles and fill holes in the balcony. A tip is to paint your balcony with concrete paint for a nice fresh look. Also plant some new colourful flowers or shrubs or put a pot with a nice plant on the balcony to make it look pleasant.

Extra tip to make your home more valuable

Make sure that on the day of the viewing, your house is as clean and fresh as possible and that all loose items are neatly put away. By making your house as empty and tidy as possible, the property will be worth more.

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