Interior design Anne Fleur Kolthof 13 december 2022

Into the new year with interior design tips!

Playful interiors thanks to height differences

Furniture has various height differences; your sofa will be a different height from your chairs or your cupboard. You only realise what a play on lines can do once you are alert to it.

Not only height plays a big role, but also shapes. For instance, a rectangular sofa will be able to come across as a big block, but as soon as the sofa has curves. Vary this piece of furniture nicely with the rest of your interior. %26nbsp;

Alternate here and there with an artistic lamp or a painting. A picture of your family on the wall adds atmosphere and personality to your interior.

Variety in your home

You can create variation by not buying all your furniture from one shop. Here it is important that you first clearly choose your interior style. Nowadays, you can customise your furniture completely. From special sizes to exceptional colours. Do you opt for a country home? Prefer industrial? Scandinavian? There are various interior design styles.

Choose some fixed colours and match the rest of your furniture to them. What helps is making a mood board. What does your ideal interior look like and what do I need to create my ideal interior in my current or new home?

Add colour to your interior

You can choose one or two basic colours. Do consider the size of your interior. Colours emphasise a certain feeling. For instance, green creates a positive feeling and red and yellow create dynamism.

Finally, a colour also influences the feeling of space. A room painted entirely in the same, cool colour gives peace and space. While dark colours make the room feel smaller. Look for harmony in colours, looking at the colour wheel, creating a subtle effect rather than huge contrasts.

What also comes into play are the materials that form a defining image. For instance, an oak TV cabinet can look great on a white wall, but white on white will fall away. After all, what matters is a coherent whole.

Leave space empty, this creates living space

Sometimes you have a tendency to put everything against each other by adding as many atmospheric elements as possible. You can also place the furniture a few centimetres away from the wall. This gives a visually more spacious effect and reduces the need for cramming.

Wall decoration

Do you have high walls? Then you often tend to hang them high up. The optimum height is when your eyes are focused on the centre of the wall decoration, which is about 1 metre 70 from the ground. Wall decoration can involve a painting, but you can also play with geometric shapes. It instantly brightens up your (empty) wall. %26nbsp;

In need of new living spaces?

Are you ready for new living spaces? Then take a look at our offer for sale, plan your viewing and discover how other living spaces suit you. Of course, a home is and remains something personal.

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