Renovation Rik 14 oktober 2022

Make stairs nicer and safer with non-slip stair tape

Decorating a house is fun for many to do. Sometimes when moving house and sometimes because some parts of the house are in need of an overhaul. One area of the house that often receives less attention or priority than other areas is the stairs and stairwell.

Most houses in the Netherlands have the living area downstairs and the bedrooms upstairs. The staircase is therefore a frequently walked on part of the house and often well worth paying attention to, so that this area is not only safe, but also fits in nicely with the rest of the interior. An addition to the stairs that is good for both appearance, as well as safety, is a non-slip stair tape.

Safe stairs for children are important

Especially in families with children, the stairs are still sometimes a playground and people slide down the stairs for fun. This can of course cause very dangerous situations and especially when children walk or run on wooden stairs with only socks, a slip is easily made.

By attaching the rubber anti-slip stair tape to the trees, when you walk down you are automatically slowed down and you can no longer slide so easily over the corners of the stairs. An additional advantage, is that the rubber also has a dampening effect and the noise made when someone walks down the stairs can also be reduced.

Cut or cut the strips to size all by yourself

Besides dampening the noise and slowing down the pace on the stairs, there is another big advantage to using anti-slip tape. Namely, the tape protects the most wear-sensitive areas on the stairs, thus keeping the paintwork in a good condition significantly longer.

You don't need to be a specialist to install the rubber tape, by the way, as anyone can easily install it themselves. The rubber is easy to cut to size with scissors or a sharp knife. You can choose to run the strip over the entire edge of the step or just the middle depending on your needs. The self-adhesive glue on the strip ensures that it stays in place right away and stays in place for years.

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