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More living space without moving or renovating!

Do you need extra living space? Then moving house seems the logical solution. However, in this overheated housing market, that is easier said than done. Housing is in short supply and overbidding is more the rule than the exception. Take a different look at your current home! With 4 clever tips, you will have some room to move again.

Tip 1: Make use of empty space

An alcove under the stairs or a sloping wall often provide empty space. A shame, because these places are perfect for creating extra storage or workspace. An alcove is often perfect for hanging shelves and a desk or bed can easily be placed under a sloping wall.

Tip 2: An open door

Have you ever thought that connecting doors actually take up a lot of space? By replacing (for example) the door from the living room to the hall with a sliding door, you can easily save a lot of space. You don't have to take the turning circle and approach space into account and, as a result, your sofa may suddenly be able to stand against that one wall.

Tip 3: Look up

.... down, because that's where you can save space! For example, put drawers under the beds for extra storage space or choose a long wall in one bedroom where you put a wardrobe up to ceiling height. Chances are you can fit all the family's clothes in there, making wardrobes unnecessary in the other bedrooms.

Tip 4: Along the wall

If you place a wall bench along the dining table, you quickly save about 80-90 centimetres of floor space. With the same number of seats, you create a lot of space. If you also use storage drawers under the wall bench, you benefit from 'invisible' cupboard space.

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