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Mortgage changes in 2022

A lot is going to change for home owners and for people who are going to buy a house in 2022. There are positive points, but also negative points that you may have to deal with in 2022. We will explain the changes that will affect home owners and buyers.

Every year, there are many changes planned that relate to owner-occupied homes. There are changes that recur every year, such as the limitation of the mortgage interest deduction and there are new changes. Anyone who owns a home or wants to buy a home will naturally want to know all about it. We would like to inform you about the most important changes.

Entitlement to a subsidy for improving the sustainability of your own home

Houses must become more energy efficient. In order to stimulate sustainability, subsidy pots have been filled with euros. You can make a claim on subsidies totalling over half a billion euros for the purchase of a hybrid heat pump and for insulating your home. Do not wait too long, because when the subsidy runs out, you will have to wait until new money becomes available.

Mortgage interest deduction more limited for homeowners with higher incomes

In 2021, homeowners with an income in the highest tax bracket could enjoy a tax benefit of 43% on the mortgage interest paid. In 2022, the benefit will be more limited. The interest paid may now only be offset against a 40% tax benefit. In 2023 the last reduction will take place (for the time being). The tax benefit will then remain at 37.05%.

A lower notional rental value for owner-occupied houses

You pay tax on the value of your home in the form of the imputed rents. This tax depends on the WOZ value of your house. You will receive a tax addition of 0.6% of the WOZ value in 2021. In 2022, the addition will drop to 0.5% of the value. In other words, you will pay less in owner-occupied home tax in 2022.

Homeowners with a low mortgage debt will receive a larger addition to their taxable income.

This is also referred to as the reduction of the Hillen Act. Homeowners whose addition to the imputed home ownership tax is higher than the deduction for the mortgage interest paid will not be subject to an addition. Unfortunately for this group, the Hillen Act is being phased out. In 2022, these homeowners will again receive a larger part of the addition. As a result, the tax burden will increase slightly. See the website of theTax Authorities for an example calculation.

Private lease weighs more heavily on the maximum mortgage

This year, the private leasing of a car will result in a registration with the BKR of 65% of the total amount owed. If you have a lease agreement for 60 months and pay €400 per month for it, this will result in a registered 'loan' of: 60 x €400 = €24,000 x 65% = €15,600. In 2022 the total monthly burden is considered a loan, so €24,000. This means that you can get less mortgage on your income.

Borrowing more under the conditions of NHG

The NHG limit is linked to the average house prices, so the maximum loan with NHG should increase again. In 2022, you can take out a mortgage with NHG up to a purchase price of €355,000. You can therefore take out a higher mortgage with NHG as a safety net if things go against you financially in the future.

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