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Mortgage rates: another drop!

Wondering what the current fall in interest rates could mean for you? Read this article updating you on the latest developments in mortgage rates.

Drop in mortgage rates: nice for homebuyers!

An exciting time for homebuyers: buying? Or wait a bit longer? In recent months, we have seen movement in mortgage rates. If we look at last week, we see a decrease of 0.08 per cent in one week. The lowest NHG interest rate for 10-year fixed is now 4.02 per cent.

Taking out a mortgage: prefer 10 years

For now, the 10-year fixed mortgage rate is more popular than the mortgage you can take out for 20 years. It's nice to have longer-term clarity about the level of your interest rate and therefore your fixed mortgage costs.

Retrospective interest rate developments 2022

Towards the end of the year, we may look back at interest rate developments. From this, we can conclude that interest rates have increased tremendously fast over the past 3 quarters. In the 4th quarter, we experience more calm in the interest rate markets. For now, a small downward trend can be identified. However, these interest rates this compared to last year are around 3 per cent higher.

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Mortgages: Freek does things differently

Good mortgage advice is more than just the lowest interest rate. Freek Mortgage is completely independent. They independently compare mortgages, interest rates and conditions of almost all providers.

They take your personal situation and future plans as a starting point for this. This is how they find a mortgage that suits your income and your new home. Freek Hypotheek ensures affordable, responsible monthly costs and conditions that suit your personal situation. Now, but also later.

Searching on house sites, actually viewing houses: until you find that one beautiful house. And then the time inevitably comes when you have to start looking at your finances. But where do you start?

And how do you make sure your mortgage stays up to date even after it is closed? Freek guides homebuyers from the first orientation steps online to the final repayment obligation.

Friendly and personal. That means Freek keeps active contact with its customers throughout the mortgage term. And that is an entirely new approach in the world of mortgages.

Want advice on your mortgage? Freek Hypotheek is here for you!

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