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Property deed of a house: what does it say?

The time has finally come! If you have bought a house and have yet to go to the notary to arrange the title deed of the property, then it is smart to be aware of what is in a title deed. Find out what a house title deed is and exactly what it contains by continuing reading below.

What is a title deed?

A title deed is the official proof stating that you are the owner of the property. It is a document that belongs to the house. If you sell the property, the proof of ownership will be passed on to the next owner. The title deed can be obtained from the Land Registry for a fee and has many names, including title deed, deed of transfer and delivery deed, deed of sale, proof of ownership or the title papers.

What does it say?

In the title deed, you will find everything that belongs to the property you are buying and the agreements made between the buying and selling parties. The most relevant parts of a title deed are:

  • The owner of the property

  • Method of ownership

  • Ownership restrictions

  • Location and dimensions

  • Easements

  • Qualitative rights and obligations

  • Anti-speculation and perpetual clauses

  • Land contamination

  • Delivery conditions

  • Presence of an underground tank

  • Easements

Receipt of proof of ownership

You can only take possession of the proof of ownership after the deed of Delivery has been passed at the notary. After passing this document, the notary must wait for the Land Registry to return the proof of ownership. Once the notary has received the title deed from the Land Registry, the deed will be registered in the public registers.

Lost proof of ownership?

Have you accidentally lost the proof of ownership of your house and need the document, for example, to have an appraisal carried out or for the mortgage lender? Then you can always contact the Land Registry. In fact, for a certain fee, you can easily request and get the proof of ownership of your house sent to you. Engaging an estate agent can also help you apply for the proof of ownership of your property.

Call in an expert

If you are selling your house or want to buy a new house, you are going to have to deal with the proof of ownership. You can apply for this yourself, but you can also engage an expert. There are several top estate agents available who are ready to advise and assist you with the title deed and other estate agency matters.

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