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Switching to a sustainable environment

More and more Dutch people are switching to a sustainable living environment. By living sustainably, we take responsibility for our landscape, our water, our energy consumption and our raw materials. This also contributes to the goal of the Climate Agreement. This brings us ever closer to a circular economy.

Besides the fact that sustainable living helps the transition to a circular economy, it can also be a smart investment. Because the government stimulates sustainable living, subsidies are often available. In addition, it is more advantageous to generate your own electricity, for example, than to buy it from a supplier.

It is therefore not surprising that many Dutch people are switching to a sustainable living environment, because there are many advantages. In this article, you will learn about the various possibilities for making your home more sustainable.

Solar panels

A popular way of improving sustainability in the Netherlands is to install solar panels. This investment can save you hundreds of euros per year. It also increases the value of your home. By calculating how much electricity your house needs, you can work out how many panels you will need.

The amount of power your home uses can usually also be reduced by switching to energy-efficient appliances and LED lights. After that, you can check whether you can install solar panels. This depends on the roof area and the location. Do you want to know if your house is eligible for solar panels? Then let Hallostroom, an expert in the field of solar panels, advise you.


Walls or roofs that are not properly insulated result in energy loss. Insulating your roofs or walls can save hundreds of euros per year. Insulation material is not expensive, but it usually requires some renovation work to install. Therefore, it can be a considerable investment. The upside of this, besides the fact that it saves money annually, is that it also increases the value of your house.

When insulating your house, it is important to choose the right insulation material. To choose a fully sustainable material, you have to look at the way it is produced and whether it is a natural product. For example, glass or rock wool are less sustainable than wool or hemp fibre. Natural products also ensure that the house is better ventilated and moisture absorption is regulated.

Heat pump

With an air source heat pump, the outside air is used to heat the house. If your house is fully electric, you can choose an electric air heat pump. This equipment extracts useful heat from the air. It reduces CO2 emissions by 50 to 60 per cent. The heating system can be combined with floor or wall heating.

So there are plenty of ways and combinations possible to make your home more sustainable. Do you want to see what you can do to make your home energy efficient? is the expert in this field.

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