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The best ways to save energy at home

Have you just bought a new house? Congratulations! It is now important to start comparing energy prices immediately. You can then take out a different contract at your new address, although you can also choose to take your current subscription with you to your new home. By comparing it with other options, you can determine whether this is a good idea or not. What is always a good idea is to save as much energy as possible in your home. You can save a lot of money that way!

Insulate your home

In winter, hot showers are inevitable. However, a lot of heat is lost through pipes and stoves, no matter how long you leave the geyser on. Reduce stand-by heat loss significantly by adding insulating blankets to your bathroom boilers. This will keep the water hot longer and save energy, as you won't have to leave it on for very long. You should also consider upgrading the insulation of your windows and sealing gaps that allow air to circulate. This will help the heat stay in your home better.

Turn off devices

When an appliance is on standby, it still consumes power. This is why you should turn off the switch on your TV, desktop, phone charger and even your microwave when it is not in use to save energy. If a room has many appliances that are often all being used at the same time, you may forget to turn off each switch. In this case, it may be more convenient to connect them all to one power strip.

Wash large loads

Another important way to save energy is to run the dishwasher and washing machine at full load. Running them half full is a waste of both water and electricity. If you find that this doesn't help, consider investing in a smarter appliance that can estimate how much water you should use for a shorter cycle based on how many clothes or dishes you put in.

Use cold water

A lot of electricity goes into heating water. Therefore, using cold water in your showers and washing machines is a great way to save electricity. Most clothes are designed to withstand cold wash cycles, and detergents now work just as well in cold water as in hot water. Also, shower with cold water, which is really nice to do especially in the summer.

Dry laundry outside

The eco-friendly alternative to a dryer would be to air dry your laundry. Also dry your hair with a towel after washing, not with a hair dryer. This is a very simple way to save electricity. For your clothes, hang clotheslines or place racks on a terrace or balcony. In a garden, of course, it is even easier to do this since you have more space to dry your washing.

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