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These are 7 things you can do to create a sustainable household

The Dutch household has changed a lot over the years. In doing so, we as estate agents have noticed that currently the biggest trend is that people want to live more sustainably. This is certainly not a bad development, as it ensures that our planet is under less pressure. But how do you make sure you sustainable home get one? In this blog, we will tell you about the 7 things you can do to make this happen. This way, you will also have a household that can be described as sustainable in no time.%26nbsp;

Rent household appliances

First of all, you can create a sustainable household by renting household appliances instead of buying them. In fact, there are many services like Blue Movement where you can rent these kinds of appliances. This ensures that you don't have to throw out the household appliances you bought each time you buy a new version. Instead, you simply rent new appliances and the rental company will find a sustainable solution for the slightly older appliances. Therefore, this is definitely a useful thing to apply when you want to have a home that is more sustainable. Read more about Blue Movement and handy discount codes for this service to achieve your sustainable goals.

Sort and separate your waste

Secondly, it is important to sort and separate your waste properly. There are different types of waste, all of which should be collected separately. For example, there are recycling collection points where you can collect cardboard, glass, plastic and other materials separately. This ensures that less waste ends up in the public container and encourages recycling. This way, you make your household a lot more sustainable.

Use green energy sources

Furthermore, it is also possible to use green energy sources. Think solar panels, windmills or hydroelectric plants. By applying these technologies as energy for your household, you ensure that you are less dependent on fossil fuels. Obviously, it is difficult to have windmills or a hydropower plant at home. However, by green electricity choosing, you are also reducing your impact on the environment and our planet.

Choose sustainable furniture

As a fourth step, it is important to choose sustainable furniture for your household. So when buying furniture, look carefully at the materials it is made of. Preferably choose sustainable materials such as mango wood or bamboo. These materials last much longer than, say, plastic. You can also choose to use second-hand furniture instead of having everything remade. This reduces the production of new materials and thus helps to protect the environment.

Use less water

We often don't think about it, but it is also possible to use less water in your household. Think about installing a water-saving shower head, collecting and using rainwater for your garden, or connecting water-saving appliances like a washing machine or fridge. By applying this, you will make your household a lot more sustainable.

Eat organic whenever possible

Sixth, it is also important to eat organic. This is because organic products and foods are produced without pesticides or chemical herbicides. This also makes it much better for the environment, with fewer harmful substances entering the groundwater and air. So choose organic products whenever possible and in this way make your household a lot more sustainable. Obviously, this is a lot more difficult when you have a limited budget, but do look into the possibilities.

Choose environmentally friendly cleaning products

Finally, it is also important to use environmentally friendly cleaning products. Choose products that are made of natural ingredients and do not contain toxic substances. This will prevent chemicals from being released into the environment and thus contribute to a more sustainable household. So when you are looking for eco-friendly cleaning products, it is important to look into this carefully.

So, all in all, there are several steps you can take to create a sustainable household. Sit back and look at what steps are possible and desirable in your specific situation. In this way, you can make your household a lot more sustainable. Consider long-term goals and look for ways to reduce your energy consumption. This way, you actively contribute to preserving our planet!

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