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Tips and advice on insulating window decoration

You have probably already realised that gas and energy bills are sky-high at the moment. If you want to cut costs here, it's useful to start looking into insulating window coverings. The MilieuCentraal has even calculated that you can save up to €220 a year, all you need for this is the right window decoration. That's why we would like to discuss a few tips and advice with you so you can make the right choice. See website for different insulating window coverings

Insulating windows

It seems logical, but what can already make a big difference is closing your curtains in the evening and at night. This ensures that the cold doesn't get in and so the house is already warmer without the help of your heating. If possible, it is also wise not to hang your curtains in front of your heating. The curtains keep the cold out but then also ensure that the heat from the heating does not enter the room.

The curtain fabric & the glass

curtains, of course, are in front of windows, which in turn are made of glass. The difference between a window and curtain is that the curtain gets warmer. Even if you have good insulating glass, it still feels cold. But a curtain fabric doesn't, it doesn't feel cold. As a result, curtains also make your house feel warm faster without you having to turn on the heating. It is then useful to add that the thicker the fabric you choose, the better the insulating effect. So velour curtains do not work as well as a thick curtain fabric.

Close the curtains properly

Besides choosing good and thick curtains, it is also wise to have the curtains properly sealed around the window. Because you have sealed the windows, less cold air can enter the room. How will you manage this? There are 2 options for this:

  1. Make a bend in your rails, this makes the rails fall around the window frame, preventing cold air from getting past the curtains

  2. A slightly less chic solution, but what works well is to make the track even longer so that it extends past the window.

See Blackout 100% blackout roller blinds

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