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Trend alert - Wood blinds vs aluminium blinds: Which one suits my interior?

Are you talking about window decoration? Then you quickly think of blinds. Venetian blinds are very popular; you see them in more and more houses. And that is not surprising, as Venetian blinds have a warm country feel that makes many rooms in the home cosier.

Although the choice for wooden or aluminium Venetian blinds depends on your personal preference, there are aspects that can make the choice easier. At you can find both types of blinds. They are available in several sizes, thicknesses and colours. In this article you will learn more about blinds and whether you should choose wooden or aluminium blinds.

When wooden blinds?

If you like window decoration with a warm country feel, you will quickly come to wooden blinds . Wooden blinds are available in many shapes and sizes, so there is always a type that matches your interior. For a lighter version of the wood, you can go for white lacquered blinds, for example, and if you prefer more robust wood, you can look at oak or basswood. Bamboo is also a popular choice.

In general, wooden blinds are easy to maintain. If you wipe them with a dry cloth or dustpan once in a while, the blinds will be clean. However, you should be aware that wood is a natural product. This means that the material can discolour over time if exposed to too much sun. Wood is also heavier in weight and does not withstand moisture as well as aluminium. As a result, the Venetian blinds may be relatively difficult to raise and you cannot install them in a damp room.

When to use aluminium blinds?

Do you like a tough look and blinds that are easier to maintain? Then aluminium blinds are probably for you. The aluminium blinds match all kinds of living styles. In general, aluminium is known as a material with a tough, rough appearance. This makes it easy to combine with industrial items in the interior. In addition, aluminium blinds look sleek and modern. People who do not like a messy interior often choose an aluminium version.

Aluminium blinds are easy to clean and require very little maintenance. Unlike the wooden version, aluminium is also resistant to water. As a material, aluminium is resistant to dirt, grease and moisture. Therefore, it does not get dirty easily and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. This is often not the case with wood. Therefore, the aluminium blinds can also be placed in damp rooms.

An additional advantage of aluminium is that it is comparatively lighter than wood. This makes it easier to raise the blinds. You need relatively less strength for this.

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