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Waterproof work shoes for winter

Waterproof work shoes are fully protected against water penetration. Water does not penetrate the material of the shoe and is thus permanently%26nbsp;protected from moisture. Wet socks are very uncomfortable and not good for your health. We recommend wearing these waterproof work shoes if you work in a humid environment for a long time. A lot of body heat is lost through the legs. The waterproof shoe

%26nbsp;has a special waterproof membrane and an inner lining with taped seams. This prevents water from penetrating.

What is and is not waterproof?

Work shoes and therefore also work boots are divided into safety standards. S2 or S3 standard work shoes are dirt- and water-resistant. Waterproof is also different from waterproof. Waterproof means that the work shoe lets in as little water as possible in a short period of time. The faster water gets in, the more it seeps through the shaft. For example, you can walk through wet grass or ride dry through a small shower, but if you work in the rain for too long, your feet will get wet. And then you suffer blisters, cold veins and poor hygiene. Working with wet feet is not pleasant either. The Netherlands has frequent rains and harsh winters, with constant hail and rain during the cold winter months. Waterproof work shoes or work shoes that cannot withstand water at all are less pleasant in autumn and winter.

What should waterproof work boots comply with?

The most important feature of work boots is that they are waterproof. Safety shoes are always divided into safety classes. Waterproof work shoes belong to category S2 at least. This means the shoes have a safety sole and%26nbsp;shock-absorbing heel and are completely waterproof. Want to be absolutely sure you have the best work shoes? Then choose safety shoes with safety class S3. These shoes are highly waterproof and also have a sturdy sole. Besides waterproof work shoes, you can also choose safety shoes. Safety shoes are always fully waterproof and anti-static.

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