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What are the biggest energy guzzlers in the house?

Energy prices are rising ever so slightly, as some may have noticed. Homeowners with a variable energy contract notice this immediately. Also, the home owner who will soon have to take out a new contract had better start saving. That is one way to cover the high costs, another way is to find out what the biggest energy guzzlers in your home are and then use those appliances more consciously.

Electric stove

The electric stove. You still see them regularly in older houses. Handy, mobile and as soon as you plug them in the room quickly becomes nice and warm. These heaters - without a thermostat - are real energy guzzlers. With 500 burning hours, the consumption of an electric heater of 2,000 Watt is on average 1,000 kWh.

Electric water heater

On the one hand, you want to use energy more consciously for your own wallet, but you are also concerned about the consequences for the climate. You have therefore bought an electric boiler, so that you might eventually be able to do without gas. A good start, of course, but an electric boiler uses a lot of energy. The average household consumes almost 1,900 kWh per year. That is a considerable amount. You should therefore consider a solar water heater. This heats your home by means of the heat that is collected by the solar panels. That way, you can (partially) switch off the gas and generate your own sustainable energy.

Underfloor heating pump

The pump of the underfloor heating also consumes a lot of energy, unless a pump switch is placed between the pump and the outlet. The switch ensures that the pump only runs when necessary. In this way you can easily use 700 kWh of unnecessary energy every year. Without this switch the pump runs 24/7 and thus uses energy the whole day. Especially in older pumps the switch can sometimes be missing.

Luxury items

The necessary luxury items also consume a lot of power. Unfortunately for beer drinkers this is bad news. The beer tender is an energy guzzler if you want it to tap a cold beer every moment of the day (500 kWh per year). It would be better to use the old fridge to keep your beer cold (380 kWh per year). Although, if you have to have a second fridge, it is worth it for your wallet to buy a newer one. Air conditioning (160 - 430 kWh per year) and a large plasma TV screen (490 kWh per year) also push up the bill considerably.

Pond pumps and aquariums

Fish lovers are also big consumers. Pond pumps and tropical aquariums require a lot of energy. For the pond pump, it depends on the size of the pond. A light water pump that is on all year round consumes an average of 180 kWh. For a large pump you can easily reach 1,800 kWh per year. If you have a well-stocked tropical aquarium in your living room in addition to your pond, you will soon be using around 1,000 kWh per year.

When you become more aware of all the electricity you consume, immediately consider whether you really need it and how you can make its use as economical as possible. Every tenner you can save is one, right?

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