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Which locks can a locksmith install?

Calling in the locksmith Groningen ensures that all your locks can be replaced. The locksmith will replace your locks with new and approved ones. This way you can be sure that your house is properly secured again. But which different locks can a locksmith install exactly? In this blog post, we would like to tell you more about the different locks that you can have installed by a locksmith.

Installing a cylinder lock

A cylinder lock is one of the most popular locks for a front door. The cylinder lock is available in different types and sizes. For example you can get a mortise lock or a multi-point lock. A cylinder lock is very easy to install by locksmith Assen and is very convenient to use. You only need to insert a single key to open it. Next, you can secure a cylinder lock extra with a key tumbler protection. Burglars have invented a technique whereby they can drill open cylinder locks in an easy way. Therefore it is important that you have a cylinder lock with a key tumbler protection installed.

Extra security with an additional lock

In some cases it may not feel enough to only have a cylinder lock installed. In this case you can also choose for an extra lock. An additional lock is placed on the inside of the door. Once you are inside, you can lock the door with the cylinder lock. Then you can also close the extra lock. This way your door gets not one but two protections. This gives a burglar much more difficulty to come in, so the chance of success is much smaller.

An insert lock for the protection of windows

A mortise lock is a kind of cylinder lock. It has a single point of contact in the frame. You can use a mortise lock very well to close a window or fence. Make sure that the window frame is thick enough for the installation of the mortise lock. If the frame is not thick enough, the strength of the frame may decrease. In this case, you can also choose an overlay lock. Because a mortise lock offers less security, it is not recommended for the front door. Of course the locksmith knows exactly which locks can be placed on which windows and doors. You can therefore always ask the locksmith for advice.

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