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Why choose an architectural inspection?

Have you found your dream home? Then it can sometimes be difficult to assess it without 'rose-coloured glasses'. It is therefore wise to have an architectural inspection carried out, especially for older homes. A structural expert can detect possible defects that are not visible at first sight. But what is the importance of the structural inspection?

A house can look perfect at first glance. However, there are many parts that you cannot see, but which are essential when buying a house. An architectural inspection gives you insight into the structural state of the house, the defects that will occur in the short or medium term and the costs that will result from this. Of course, you don't want to have to invest tens of thousands of euros immediately after the purchase of your dream palace because there are structural defects.

The defects must be reported by the seller and the buyer has a duty of investigation

The seller must inform the potential buyers, via the estate agent, of any defects in the house. The potential buyers have the duty to investigate the state of the house.

What does a building inspection entail?

A structural inspector finds out what the structural condition of the house is. Walls and floors are not broken open, but there is a general examination of how good or bad the house is. They look at what investments need to be made to get the house in a good condition.

The inspection is not only advisable for old houses

An architectural inspection is also recommended for newer houses. Houses that are a few years old can also have defects that you would rather be aware of before the purchase is finalised. For older houses an architectural inspection is more necessary.

An architectural inspection is a standard resolutive condition

The architectural inspection is nowadays a standard part of the contract of sale. The buyers and sellers can discuss whether this resolutive condition is also applied. It is therefore possible to waive this resolutive condition. If this condition is applied, the buyers can still withdraw from the purchase, until a previously agreed date, if the repair costs turn out to be too high.

What does an architectural inspection cost?

The buyers of the house usually bear the costs. The costs differ for each building expert and also depend on where the house is located. There are cheaper and more expensive regions. The costs are approximately between €350 and €450. For large houses the costs can be even higher.

Would you like to have an architectural inspection performed? Call or email us for more information or contact us via this page.

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