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Why live in Eindhoven?

For many people, Eindhoven is synonymous with Philips, technology and Dutch Design. But maybe you have discovered, just like many others, that Eindhoven is also a very nice city to live in. And you're absolutely right, because Eindhoven has much more to offer than light bulbs and startups. Eindhoven is a pleasant city where there is a lot to do and which is easy to reach. If you want to know more about buying a house and living in Eindhoven, we have listed some interesting points for you in this article.

Living in Eindhoven: beautiful new-build projects

At the beginning of the last century Eindhoven was still a small provincial town with only 6,500 inhabitants. Due to the production of matches and later the well-known light bulbs of Philips, the number of inhabitants increased rapidly. In the meantime, Eindhoven has grown to become the fifth largest city in the Netherlands with more than 230,000 inhabitants, and a number of surrounding hamlets and smaller villages such as Woensel, Acht and Gestel have been swallowed up by the ever-growing city of light. Eindhoven also ranks fifth in terms of the number of dwellings. The city has approximately 104,000 addresses and almost half of them are owner-occupied. And still the city continues to grow, so that substantial building is needed to meet the increasing demand. That is why the municipality of Eindhoven wants to deliver 15,000 new homes by 2022, to be built on some 250 locations throughout the municipality. If you want to live in Eindhoven, you can choose from various new construction projects that will be completed in the coming year in areas such as Strijp-S, Meerhove, the Kruidenbuurt and the city centre.

Living in Eindhoven: various residential areas, each with a different character

The municipality of Eindhoven is actually a number of smaller villages that have slowly grown together and been annexed by Eindhoven. That they were once separate villages can still be seen in the character of the various districts. Woensel, which is located in the north of Eindhoven, was once an independent municipality that in turn annexed the village of Acht, among others. Woensel consists of a northern and a southern part and is the largest district in Eindhoven with more than 100,000 inhabitants.

The Centre is the real old Eindhoven. The neighbouring district De Bergen, known as the city's Latin Quarter, is also part of the city centre district and is very popular to live in because of its attractive buildings and cosiness. The Stratum district is also a good option if you want to live in Eindhoven. Stratum is popular because on one side it borders the south side of the city centre, and on the other side it borders a wooded area and the Eikenburg estate.

The most popular area to live in Eindhoven is Strijp-S. This former industrial park used to be accessible only if you worked at Philips, but nowadays many old Philips buildings have been converted into business premises or homes. Strijp-S is a popular neighbourhood for start-ups, hip catering establishments and unusual new buildings, and is particularly popular with young people.

The new Meerhoven district is popular with people looking for the peace and quiet of nature. This area is designed as a sculpture garden in which the buildings adorn the landscape like statues.

Living in Eindhoven: a young city with lots of living pleasure

If you look at the average age of the residents, Eindhoven is a fairly young city. Most residents have an age somewhere between 20 and 29. This is partly because young people who have studied here continue to live in the city. But the many start-ups also attract young employees who like to live near their work.

But living in Eindhoven is above all very pleasant. There is plenty to do, there is a lot of culture and you can also seek out the peace and quiet of nature if you like.

Would you like to live in Eindhoven? Ask a recognised NVM estate agent like Easie about the possibilities, and who knows, maybe you will soon be living in this lively city of light.

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