Interior design Rik 19 september 2022

You paint your wall like this

Are you ready for a change in, say, your living room? Then you can easily tackle that by painting your walls. You can leave the work to a painter, but it is more fun to do it yourself. Especially if you follow the step-by-step plan below.

Step-by-step plan

1. Decide on a colour or colour combination

If you no longer like the current colour combination on your walls, it's time to take inspiration from others. Pinterest is a good source of inspiration but magazines and home ideas videos can also help. Just make sure the colour matches the rest of your interior.

2. Buy the materials you need

Write down the surface area of your walls. Take it to your paint shop and ask an expert salesperson how much acrylic paint you need. Also buy a roller, two brushes and a mixing tray in which to pour your paint. Did you already know that indoor painting requires the use of acrylic paint? This is because it is almost odourless, making it less harmful to you.

3. Make the room as empty as possible

At least remove everything that is against the wall you wish to paint. Also remove all wall decorations, including the tapestry. In the meantime, protect the floor with old sheets, curtains, cardboard or newspapers. By the way, don't forget to put on your favourite playlist while working.

4. Clean your walls

Get rid of dirt and grease with soapy water and rinse well. You can also use a paint remover. After this, touch up any unevenness with filler or remove damaged wallpaper. If you leave the wallpaper in place, it is a good habit to check that it does not peel off when wet. To do this, wet a section of the wallpaper and see if it remains colourfast. In the former case, you may prefer to remove it or prime it first.

5. Time to paint

But not before you have painted the edges of your wall with one of your brushes. Then fill in the area by making horizontal and vertical overlapping strips with the roller. Once the first layer is dry, it's time for the second and possibly third topcoat.

6. Allow to dry and redecorate the room

You can make your freshly painted walls stand out with a nice wall decoration. For them, choose an item that matches the rest of your furnishings. Also make sure your smoke detectors are in order.

Good luck!

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