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10 Reasons why people like to live detached

In our hectic world, many of us are looking for a haven, a place where we can retreat and live wonderfully. It seems that more and more people are discovering the charm of detached living. But what exactly attracts them to detached houses? Let's take a closer look at this oasis of calm.

Privacy at number one

When we talk about detached living, privacy is often the first thing that comes to mind. Having your own place, with no immediate neighbours, can be incredibly peaceful. Imagine waking up in the morning and being able to drink your coffee without any potholes. For people who value their own space and tranquillity, this is golden! That is why it is no surprise that projects like those of De Geldersche woningbouw are so in demand.

An outdoor space - the freedom to breathe

Another big plus of a detached house is the space around it. Think a space for a vegetable garden, a playground for the kids or just a place to enjoy a quiet moment under the stars. This natural buffer between you and the world is not only good for the soul, but also provides space for personal projects and hobbies.

More customisation and personality

Detached houses often offer the opportunity to make your own changes. Want to add a porch or repair or replace the floor or break out a wall? Go ahead, here you have the freedom to customise your home to suit your own tastes and needs, without having to worry about a property boundary or restrictions that common walls might bring.

Peace and serenity

Let's face it; the sound of a baby crying or a neighbour's dog barking can sometimes be annoying. A detached house often means a reduction in noise pollution, and therefore an increase in your mental well-being. Quietness is a luxury these days and detached living brings us one step closer to a quieter life.

Investment potential that pays off

Living in a detached house is not only very pleasant, it can also be a smart investment. Detached houses often hold their value well and, in some markets, can even become worth more over time. This makes it not only a home, but also a wise financial decision. Moreover, a detached house also offers rental opportunities, making it a potential source of extra income.

More freedom and less hassle over maintenance costs

Shared walls often mean shared problems. In a detached house, you are the master of your own domain. You decide when and how maintenance takes place, potentially saving on costs that are otherwise shared within a community. So for people who like to be in control and not depend on the decisions of others, a detached house is ideal.

More space, more possibilities

More space means more freedom. A home office, a playroom for the kids or simply an extra bedroom for guests - the possibilities are endless. This is your place to dream and realise those dreams. So be smart when choosing a detached house and go for one with potential for extension or renovation. This way, you can create your dream home, completely according to your wishes.

A surprising sense of community

Despite what you might think, detached living can also contribute to a strong sense of community. Funnily enough, the extra space will sometimes bring people together more for barbecues and neighbourhood parties. It's the perfect balance between togetherness and individual space. Who wouldn't want that?

Back to a simple time

Detached living reminds us of the days of yore, when a house truly felt like a home, rather than just part of a large building. There is something nostalgic about sitting on your porch and watching the world go by, without worrying about crowds. For many people, then, that is why they choose a detached house. It offers them peace and quiet and the chance to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Better for your family

Families often find that detached living offers a healthier environment for children to grow up in. There is more space to play outside, less risk of diseases that linger in dense populated areas and an overall quality of life that is hard to beat. This makes detached living a popular choice for families who want the best for their children.

In short, a detached house really only has advantages and opportunities for a wonderful life!

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