15-05-2024 Anne Fleur Kolthof
3 benefits of renting a storage unit for your move
The Dutch are only too good at moving. CBS figures show that an average of 1.71 million people in the Netherlands move house every year. Chances are you are also ...
15-05-2024 Anne Fleur Kolthof
This is why buying a water softener is a good investment
If you have plans to sell your home, it is advisable to look into investments that will make your house worth more. That way, you are more likely to sell your home faster ...
14-05-2024 Anne Fleur Kolthof
10 Things you can do to increase the value of your home
There is nothing like the feeling of investing in something that is becoming more and more valuable, like your own little nest - your home. Are you curious about how you can not only increase your living pleasure but ...
25-04-2024 Anne Fleur Kolthof
10 Reasons why people like to live detached
In our hectic world, many of us seek a sanctuary, a place where we can retreat and live wonderfully. It seems that more and more people are discovering the charm of ...
17-04-2024 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Visit The Art of Living Living and Design event
The Art of Living event is the Living and Design event where individuals and professionals come together. On 17, 18 and 19 May 2024, the high-end magazine will come to life at the Autotron Rosmalen. Where the magazine stops, the event continues. Visit this event and get your tickets right away, allowing you to enjoy various exhibitors presenting their unique vision on an area of more than 10,000 m2.
16-04-2024 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Make the most of your home: Tips for Sanibroyeurs and dry crawl spaces
Welcome home! In every home, situations sometimes arise that call for a handy solution. For example, have you ever thought about installing an extra toilet, but were reluctant to face the enormous ...
15-04-2024 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Insulating, cosy and warm: rugs in your interiors
You have a new house and it already has a nice wooden, laminate, PVC or tiled floor. Still, you want to give the room a more personal, warm look. But that floor, well, there's nothing wrong with that at all. Then choose to decorate it with a rug. Rugs are ideal for decorating and offer all the advantages of fitted carpets. Moreover, they allow you to create cute corners ...
15-04-2024 Anne Fleur Kolthof
4 essential tips for attractive sales photos of your home
If you are planning to sell your home, an exciting period awaits you. Not only because you are going to sell the house you may have lived in for years, but also because the real estate market is still competitive and you would prefer to get some value for your beloved home ...
15-04-2024 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Every home deserves a beautiful kitchen
A beautiful home undoubtedly deserves a beautiful kitchen! It is no surprise that this space is increasingly becoming the beating heart of a home. These days, the kitchen is much more than just a ...
27-03-2024 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Increase the value of a property with a beautifully landscaped garden
When considering selling a property, there are several ways to increase its value relatively easily. Consider, for example, repainting a wall, repairing damaged joints in the bathroom and so on. Even the garden has an impact on what house hunters will pay on your house ...
17-03-2024 Anne Fleur Kolthof
What should you look out for when buying new laminate flooring in your owner-occupied home?
Choosing a new laminate floor for your home is an important decision that can significantly affect the look and comfort of your home. Whether you own or rent a property, there are several factors that you
15-03-2024 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Living spaces as a priority for your new home
Buying a house is one of life's biggest decisions. It requires not only a significant, financial investment, but also the ...
14-03-2024 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Low-threshold houses to view on NVM Open Houses Day?
Are you looking for a house and want to explore different options in an efficient way? The NVM Open Houses Day is your chance to visit without ...
13-03-2024 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Finally got premises for your hospitality business?
Maybe you've dreamt of it for years or you've been looking for a suitable property for your hospitality dream for some time. Finally it is ...
08-03-2024 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Vacancy: Conquer the housing market in Eindhoven!
Are you eager to sell homes and guide others with the purchase of their property? Come join our team at the estate agent in Eindhoven, namely
08-03-2024 Anne Fleur Kolthof
The most grandiose sustainable buildings
As in every other industry, the world of gaming is also becoming more sustainable, the gamble we have taken over the last few decades that it will ...
29-02-2024 Anne Fleur Kolthof
The importance of professional floor repair
When selling or letting a property, the first impression is crucial. A well-maintained floor plays an important role in this. Not only does it improve the aesthetic value of the property, but it also contributes to ...
28-02-2024 Anne Fleur Kolthof
What is a mullion interior door?
A single-piece door is a type of door commonly used in homes and buildings in the Netherlands. The difference between a single-piece door and an upright door is in the way it is fitted to the frame, ...
28-02-2024 Anne Fleur Kolthof
What do you need to arrange after selling your property?
Have you recently sold your home or are you likely to sell it soon? If so, first of all we would like to congratulate you, because this is a special moment in your life and of course it is nice not to be in suspense anymore.
14-02-2024 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Turn your new home for sale or rental into a palace with a new floor
Transforming your new home into a real home starts with the basics: the flooring. Whether it is an owner-occupied house or ...
06-02-2024 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Review of special encounters during Neighbourhood Watch Winter Edition
Special performances and unexpected encounters in 45 Helmond living rooms: a successful edition of Gluren bij de Buren 2024!
01-02-2024 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Helmond city centre and its future plans
Can you picture it? Enjoying the view of the Helmond canal, without having to watch out for cars, making living in the centre of Helmond even more enjoyable. A lot is going to change in the next five years and we take you through the future plans of the municipality of ...
31-01-2024 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Energy label of houses within the expat housing market
Energy labels are becoming increasingly popular. It allows you to save on your energy bills, increases home comfort and the property has a higher market value. What if you ...
31-01-2024 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Discover entertainment near your home
Don't want to start this property search on your own? The aam would love to lend a hand so you can find the perfect home near this great country casino!
31-01-2024 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Apply for a subsidy for home insulation
With energy costs rising in recent years, we have been reminded how important it is to properly insulate your home. Your home ...
30-01-2024 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Visit Gluren bij de Buren 2024!
Always been curious to see what that one house in the neighbourhood looks like inside? Here's your chance! Watch free performances in the Helmond region on Sunday 4 February. With this, we are giving emerging artists a chance to perform in living rooms ...
30-01-2024 Anne Fleur Kolthof
What does transfer tax for starters mean?
A nice measure that transfer tax exemption for first-time homebuyers. It helps in a pleasant way to finance a ...
23-01-2024 Anne Fleur Kolthof
What is the added value of a Mirador canopy?
In our hectic world, creating a personal oasis of calm is more important than ever. A place where you can escape the daily hustle and bustle, enjoy the outdoors and spend time with family and ...
10-01-2024 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Emerging trends in real estate: adapting spaces to new lifestyle demands
In today's rapidly evolving world, residential real estate trends are undergoing significant transformation. These changes reflect our new lifestyles, with ...
02-01-2024 Anne Fleur Kolthof
The following are things to consider when buying a new home
If you are planning to purchase a new home, it is understandable that there is a lot on your mind. After all, it is a big step and most likely one of the biggest investments you will make in life. For that reason, you naturally want to purchase a property that is completely ...
02-01-2024 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Damage in or to your home? Tips!
Has your home suffered damage or do you just want to be well prepared for future calamities? It all starts with the right insurance. There are basically two types of insurance you can ...
11-12-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Buyers increasingly paying attention to sustainability options
The Dutch government has made it clear that we are in the transition to a more sustainable country. For instance, there is speculation in politics to reduce the ...
06-12-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Personalised gifts for real estate clients
The real estate industry depends on strong customer relationships and long-term connections. So how can you strengthen these connections? Think of giving personalised corporate gifts or a printed bag with the logo of the ...
06-12-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Timeless trends: classic design in a modern look for the bathroom
One of the rooms in the house we prefer to remodel ourselves as soon as possible is the bathroom. After all, it is one of the rooms in the house where you can very well reflect your own taste. Whether that's the style of the sanitaryware or the ...
09-11-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
New mortgage lending standards in 2024
The year 2024 will bring changes to mortgage lending standards in the Netherlands. These new standards, set annually by the Financial Markets Authority (AFM) and the National ...
01-11-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Impact of artificial intelligence on brokerage
The trend of artificial intelligence is increasingly approaching our brokerage. Never before has this development been so prominent in today's ...
17-10-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Available Starter Loan Municipality of Den Bosch
Good news! As of 16 October, the municipality of 's Hertogenbosch is offering a helping hand to starters in the housing market. As of this date anno 2023, starter loans are available again, but what about it?
11-10-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
The most common chores after buying a new house
Congratulations. You are the proud owner of a new home. Once you get the keys, of course you can't wait to actually move ...
30-09-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Money-saving kitchen trends: tips for savvy buyers
A nice kitchen is so important. You are here every day and there is nothing more annoying than being frustrated in your own kitchen. This could be due to an awkward design, lack of space, bad appliances or the fact that you just don't like your kitchen ...
30-09-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Increasing the value of your home is a smart investment. Whether you want to sell your home or just enjoy it yourself; it comes with many ...
27-09-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Investing in a second home
After buying your first home, have you always wondered what it is like to invest in a second home? If so, get an advance ...
14-09-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Pay attention to these points when viewing a property
Have you seen a beautiful property for sale? Time to call the sales agent to schedule a viewing. Especially with the current housing market, it is important to do so ...
06-09-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
TIO students on valuation with vb&t broker
During the arrival of these TIO students, we presented our real estate sector, our services and our absolute top projects. They were also allowed to go on a valuation with their vb&t Broker ...
04-09-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Found a new office building? Don't forget to arrange it
You have found a new office building, congratulations! Business relocations are often a great move for many companies. It is a sign of growth and ...
23-08-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Steps to successfully apply for a business mortgage: tips and tricks
What the reason is why you want to apply for a business mortgage can be diverse. Perhaps you are going to purchase ...
17-08-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Why is Ibiza a great place to buy property for investment?
Buying real estate is usually a smart investment. While there are many things to look out for, one thing is certain: if you buy a house in a place where a lot of people want to live, chances are you will make a profit on it in the future. Ibiza has long been a popular choice for property investment ...
17-08-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
5 tips for a mini interior makeover
For most people, their interiors are never really finished. Things can always be changed or added to make your interior more ...
09-08-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
After buying your home - from vb&t Makelaars - you are probably in need of extra home inspiration. After interviewing the organisation of Beurs Eigen Huis, vb&t Makelaars is given the opportunity to ...
31-07-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Increased starters loan available in Helmond
Buying your own home is an important milestone in your life, but how to finance? For first-time home buyers, however, it can be a challenge to find the necessary ...
31-07-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
August: action month vb&t Estate Agents, but gone = gone!
Give not only yourself, but your birds a chance to realise their housing dreams. With this charity action, we support Art ORO, artist with disabilities ...
28-07-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
From 2024, the energy label will have a significant impact on the maximum loan amount for mortgage applicants. This is an important step towards sustainability and encouraging energy-efficient ...
17-07-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
The wow effect in your home through accessories
You often take a lot of furniture with you from your previous home, but it is also nice to look for new accessories that will give the space that little bit extra.
13-07-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Starters in the housing market
At a time when the housing market is challenging and competitive, there is a remarkable trend. The number of deals with first-time buyers in the housing market has increased significantly. This development offers new hope and ...
07-07-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Shading helps save energy
he past few weeks we have again been treated to sun-drenched days and sweltering nights. Summer sometimes brings high temperatures. Cooling down in the house is nice then. But having an air conditioner or fan on day and night can be a lot ...
06-07-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Give your home a luxurious look with these 5 tips
Many Dutch people have the dream of living bigger with just a bit more luxury, more space and more greenery. With the housing market having been overheated for quite a while, it has certainly not been easy to find your ...
05-07-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
5 Tips to keep your hedge beautiful
A beautiful hedge can be a wonderful addition to your garden. It offers privacy, creates a green environment and adds structure to your outdoor space. But as with other plants and trees, a hedge can also face
29-06-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Get your kitchen renovated: the benefits
The kitchen is the vibrant heart of any home. It is the place where you prepare delicious meals together, where you gather with family or friends and make memories. Over time and intensive use, however, a kitchen can ...
22-06-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
What affects our interest rates?
Are you about to buy your home or will your mortgage's fixed-interest period expire soon? You like to look ahead and are looking for some security. So you have the option of purchasing guidance if necessary ...
16-06-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Create a cosy garden with bottomless planters
Gardening is hearty fun, as you create your own green environment to unwind. However, it requires maintenance. If you let the plants and grass have their way for a bit, a feral look quickly develops ...
16-06-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Everything you need to know about energy for your new home
When you move house, there is a lot involved. One of the most important things you need to arrange is the energy supply for your new home. Many people find it ...
16-06-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Why a real wood staircase is a must-have for your home
Choosing the right staircase for your home is an important decision. Besides functionality and aesthetics, durability is a crucial factor to consider. Wooden stairs have stood the test of time ...
16-06-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
This way, you create maximum storage space in your home
A tidy home is not only a pleasure to live in, but it can also increase your peace of mind. Every homeowner knows that adequate storage space is a valuable addition to a home. It ensures that ...
07-06-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Dragon Boat Festival 2023 brings spectacle to Helmond
The picturesque town of Helmond is known for its rich history and vibrant cultural scene. Soon, however, this town will reach new heights with the much-awaited Dragon Boat Festival.
07-06-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Achieve financial benefits with mortgage subsidies
Buying a house can be a big financial challenge, especially for first-time buyers. Fortunately, several municipalities in the Netherlands offer mortgage subsidies, such as Eindhoven, Helmond and Den Bosch ...
30-05-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
02-05-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Save money on your energy and gas bills with these tips
Just when energy tariffs started to come down a bit again, prices are likely to go up again in the near future. This has everything to do with the closure of the last nuclear power plants in Germany, which will push up gas prices. You're going to see that on your energy bill ...
02-05-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Flooring trends 2023: which floor to choose for your home?
Although 2023 has been a while, it is still not too late to look at various trends for your home ...
04-04-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Review Open Houses Day in 2023!
Together with our sellers, we look back on a successful Open House Day. They were extremely satisfied and thanks to our present to the home sellers, they even baked apple pie!
24-03-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
The NVM Open Houses Day: which houses will you visit?
This Saturday (1 April) is the day: The NVM Open Houses Day! On this special day, you can go and view participating houses in your desired region without an appointment. Visit the homes on your itinerary from vb&t Makelaars in the Helmond, Eindhoven or Den Bosch area ...
20-03-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Building a better life: Too Field
Looking back on a day full of inspiration. We visited Van Wijnen's Housing Factory with various stakeholders from Eindhoven. As many as 101 homes will soon be built there, responding to the housing shortage in Eindhoven. This innovative new housing estate offers more living spaces ...
04-01-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
In publicity: De Manderij
The De Manderij new-build project in the AD and ED. "After 30 years, the Manders family can finally start building in the heart of Stiphout. Between the Dorpsstraat and De Boogaard, flats and houses ..."
22-12-2022 Rik
These are 7 things you can do to create a sustainable household
The Dutch household has changed a lot over the years.
06-12-2022 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Mortgage rates: another drop!
Find out what the fall in mortgage rates could mean for you!
30-11-2022 Rik
Can you rent out a house with a mortgage on it?
To rent out your house, you need to ask for permission from the bank if there is a mortgage involved.
29-10-2022 Esther Niehot
Carnival in 's-Hertogenbosch
If you are just living or planning to live in 's-Hertogenbosch, I must tell you something about carnival.
14-09-2022 Yvanka Sharma
Verhuur The Minister te Rijswijk gestart!
Wil jij wonen in een schitterende moderne woontoren in Rijswijk met alles om de hoek en Den Haag dichtbij? The Minister opent zijn deuren voor iedereen die een volgende stap in zijn leven wil zetten.
01-09-2022 Elise
Does the higher mortgage interest rate affect my mortgage?
Mortgage rates have started to rise sharply this year. This may affect your mortgage, but what will you notice?
01-08-2022 Esther Niehot
Parks in 's-Hertogenbosch
If you live in 's-Hertogenbosch, there is always a park nearby. This is truly a green city.
15-07-2022 Elise Hees
Living Delightfully Hazenwinkel phase II
Start sale of Woon Heerlijk Hazenwinkel II on Wednesday 20 July!
01-07-2022 Esther Niehot
Museums in 's-Hertogenbosch
's-Hertogenbosch is not called the culture city of the south for nothing.
20-06-2022 Rik
How do you prepare your garden when selling your house?
Selling your house is a business that requires a lot of preparation. You have to make it look presentable so that more buyers will be interested.
08-06-2022 Elise Hees
Patricia Goudswaard: What makes my profession so enjoyable?
The people...I have been working at vb&t Makelaars for over 12 years. I started as a broker and have been one of the shareholders of the vb&t Group for four years.
03-06-2022 Elise Hees
Erik Reinders: One team and one passion
My name is Erik Reinders and I have been working at vb&t Nieuwbouw Makelaars for almost 5 years now.
20-05-2022 Elise Hees
Our department vb&t Nieuwbouw Makelaars has grown!
In the past four years, our department vb&t Nieuwbouwmakelaars has grown from 3 employees to 10 employees!
18-05-2022 Yvanka Sharma
Last Saturday we welcomed the new tenants of the De Mark building to take a first look at their newly built rental apartment.
08-05-2022 Esther Niehot
May Month - March Month in 's-Hertogenbosch
May is the Month of the Virgin Mary in the Catholic Church; we in 's-Hertogenbosch celebrate it in our own way.
01-04-2022 Elise Hees
The Weef in the centre of Helmond has been sold in its entirety!
De Weef consists of 67 spacious owner-occupied flats, situated in the centre of Helmond in the Burgemeester Geukerspark.
29-03-2022 Elise Hees
What are the biggest energy guzzlers in the house?
Are you aware of how to make your use of energy as economical as possible? Every tenner you can save is one, right?
15-03-2022 Elise Hees
Rental of De Gebroeders in Eindhoven has started!
We have started leasing 139 rental flats, medium and private, from the Gebroeders in Eindhoven.
25-02-2022 Elise Hees
Smoke detectors mandatory from 1 July 2022!
With the upcoming change in the law, it will be compulsory to equip all homes with smoke detectors in the escape routes.
22-02-2022 Elise Hees
Mortgage rates skyrocket: where does it end?
Since 2021, the most popular 20-year fixed-rate period has already gained 0.45 percentage points. Where will this end?
07-02-2022 Elise Hees
Reduced VAT rate solar panels
With rising energy prices, solar panels are more interesting than ever.
07-02-2022 Elise Hees
Rising energy prices? How to keep your bill low
It's all over the news: the steep rise in energy prices. Fortunately, you can take measures yourself to keep your energy bill as low as possible.
31-01-2022 Elise Hees
Mortgage changes in 2022
Things are going to change for homeowners and for people who are going to buy a house in 2022.
17-01-2022 Elise Hees
HURRY! The new vb&t websites are live!
We are proud to say that all departments within vb&t have been provided with a new, fresh website in our new house style!
21-12-2021 Rik Feijen
19-11-2021 Elise Hees
Winner category 'Best Service
Thursday 11 November 2021, we won the Best Service category at the National Real Estate Awards 2021 and we are very proud of that!
17-11-2021 Elise Hees
Do you want to sell your house yourself? We have some tips for you!
Do you want to sell your house? You can save money by selling the house yourself, but how do you go about it?
06-10-2021 Rik Feijen
New building projects in Eindhoven
In this article, we describe a few new-build projects in Eindhoven where you could find a super nice home. If you want to know more about new construction projects in Eindhoven, please read on.
28-07-2021 Rik Feijen
Houses for sale in Veldhoven
Would you like to know if there are any nice houses for sale in Veldhoven?
23-06-2021 Mimi de Muinck
04-06-2021 Mimi de Muinck
08-03-2021 Karla Wester
De Bakermat in Eindhoven: new project for our new building portfolio!
New project for our new building portfolio in Eindhoven: Renting in De Bakermat
09-02-2021 Karla Wester
Hooghe Heer in Meerhoven: 16 February on sale!
Hooghe Heer is located in the district Meerrijk in the heart of Meerhoven. From February 16 the sale starts!
01-01-2021 Rik Feijen
No transfer tax for starters in 2021
But how can it be done and what about in the following years? Read on and find out what is possible.
21-04-2020 Rik Feijen
05-04-2020 Rik Feijen
24-03-2020 Rik Feijen
24-03-2020 Rik Feijen
27-01-2020 Rik Feijen
20-01-2020 Rik Feijen
13-01-2020 Rik Feijen
07-01-2020 Rik Feijen
19-12-2019 Rik Feijen
12-12-2019 Rik Feijen
08-12-2019 Rik Feijen
04-12-2019 Rik Feijen
02-12-2019 Rik Feijen
19-11-2019 Rik Feijen
31-10-2019 Rik Feijen
21-10-2019 Rik Feijen
17-10-2019 Rik Feijen
02-10-2019 Rik Feijen
01-10-2019 Rik Feijen
16-09-2019 Rik Feijen
09-09-2019 Rik Feijen
04-09-2019 Rik Feijen
01-09-2019 Rik Feijen
12-08-2019 Rik Feijen
07-08-2019 Rik Feijen
31-07-2019 Rik Feijen
11-07-2019 Rik Feijen
03-07-2019 Rik Feijen
03-07-2019 Rik Feijen
13-06-2019 Rik Feijen
06-06-2019 Rik Feijen
02-06-2019 Rik Feijen
23-05-2019 Rik Feijen
14-05-2019 Rik Feijen
24-03-2019 Rik Feijen
11-03-2019 Rik Feijen
03-02-2019 Rik Feijen
10-11-2018 Rik Feijen
08-11-2018 Rik Feijen

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