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Damage in or to your home? Tips!

Has your home suffered damage or do you just want to be well prepared for future calamities? It all starts with the right insurance. There are basically two types of insurance you can take out with Allianz Direct.

The first is contents insurance. The name basically says it all. All the things that are (not nail-bound) in your home are covered here. Think of electronics, furniture, curtains, jewellery and cameras.

You also have buildings insurance, which covers damage to the house and any outbuildings. Our tip? Go for home insurance, as then you can combine both in one policy.

An example

It will probably become a lot clearer with an example. Imagine a heavy storm and a large tree falls on your house, damaging the roof. In such a case, your buildings insurance would cover the damage to your house, including the damaged roof. But the storm also breaks a window in your living room and damages some valuable paintings.

Your contents insurance would cover the damage to your personal belongings, such as the broken window and the damaged paintings. With home insurance, you can report both types of damage (to your home and personal belongings) to the same insurer at the same time. So this makes the process a lot easier!

What are you insured against?

You now have a much better understanding of all the insurances out there, but what exactly are you insured against? What other types of damage are covered?

Home insurance covers damage caused by fire or explosion, as well as scorching and melting damage. You are also insured against lightning strikes and damage caused by storms of at least wind force 7. So here you can think of trees falling on your house.

You are also insured against damage caused by burglary or theft. So think of a broken door lock or a smashed window, but also a stolen TV, laptop and jewellery. You are also insured for water damage, such as leaking pipes or an aquarium that no longer works properly.

Finally, you're insured against damage caused by collision, collision or even air traffic (doesn't happen often). So you are insured for a lot of things, not just the stuff in your home.


It is comforting to know that you have cover for various types of damage, but there are always exceptions. Fortunately, these exceptions are fairly easy to avoid. Damage due to overdue maintenance, for example, is not covered. The same goes for recklessness and wear and tear that has worsened over the years. For example, imagine a situation where a rusty pipe jumps.

Furthermore, you are not insured against damages from natural disasters or wars. And finally, you are not insured against damage intentionally caused by yourself or someone else in your household. Always check the home insurance policy to make the right decision.

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