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Erik Reinders: One team and one passion

My name is Erik Reinders and I have been working for vb&t Nieuwbouw Makelaars for almost 5 years now. Because of our pro-active and personal way of working, we have grown from 3 to 10 employees during this period. Previously I worked for 17 years as an (all-round) estate agent and I took care of sales and lettings transactions in both the existing housing market and new builds. I have chosen to specialise as a new-build broker. New build stands for a long-term relationship with your client in which we can provide specialised added value. On the other hand, I still remain in contact with the consumer (buyer/tenant). Every day, we work on many beautiful purchasing projects in Brabant and, for rental properties, even nationwide! We do this with one team and one passion, of which I am enormously proud!

This is only a part of my work. We are often involved in a project at an early stage for advice. During the consultancy process, we provide our client with insightful advice, including all knowledge and market information, so that they have a clear picture of the market conditions, market demand, intended target group and price advice. We gather the data for our advice from various sources, acting as a kind of 'spider in the web'. Some sources are the large database from the branch association (NVM), the demand side (Funda), our broad market knowledge and of course the conversations with house candidates.

In addition, we support/relieve our clients in the area of marketing, so that the project can be positioned optimally in the market. Our goal is to unburden our client and achieve the best possible result for our client. Teamwork!

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