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Helmond city centre and its future plans

Can you picture it? Enjoying the view of the Helmond canal, without having to watch out for cars, making living in the centre of Helmond even more enjoyable. The next five years are going to change enormously and we take you through the municipality's plans for the future.

Plans for a vibrant city centre in Helmond

The Burgemeester Geukerspark catering pavilion is currently abandoned, because no manager has yet been found. What if soon there will be more residential opportunities in a 100-metre radius around the city park? Numerous new homes, a green park, additional bridges and cycling and walking boulevard.

Safety for waiters and space for terrace visitors

These days, the waiters do their best not to get knocked off their feet, even the terrace visitors have to stay alert, as there is a cycle path adjacent to several entertainment venues. On the other side, cyclists will get a wider cycle path, transforming part of Kanaaldijk Noord West into a safe cycling and walking zone.

So how do you reach our real estate office?

Via the cycle bridge parallel to the Castle-Traverse, you visit the water on the other side. A stretch of Steenweg, where vb&t Makelaars' office is located, will be car-free, creating more space for pedestrians.

We will come back in a later post with detailed directions to our real estate office and, of course, the best places for our visitors to park.

There will be a car bridge over the canal near Waardstraat. Via this recommended route, residents of De Weef flats can reach their homes near Geukerspark. Residents of Oranjekade can also reach their homes this way.

Route to the heart of Helmond

The new bridge from Kanaaldijk Noord West to waardstraat will largely become the route of visitors who want to reach the centre of Helmond. The Alsace passage will be extended with parking spaces under Piet Blomplein. This parking facility will have another entrance near the Torenstraat. As a result, Watermolenwal will be made car-free.

Living above the Helmond C&A

Burgemeester Geukerspark is 'growing' into Piet Blomplein. This square, near the library, will have some 265 rental and owner-occupied houses. The City Sports Hall, the old post office and the Marktstraat and Binderseind premises will be converted into flats.

On the market, the C&A premises will get a new look thanks in part to architect: JYB Architects. The spaces above this clothing shop will be converted into 44 rental flats. The street behind the market, De Zuid-Koninginnewal, will become a one-way street.

Park near the Water Tower

On the other side of the city centre, work will soon start on the construction of the 25 September Park, near the water tower and AH XL. With the aim of creating more entertainment and relaxation for both young people, seniors and all age groups in between. The final ins & outs will be discussed with local residents in 2024 and once these choices are made, work will start.

Across the new September Park, the Juliana Bridge and the canal, is a site on the city centre side. This site is waiting for construction work to start. On the plot of the old postal sorting centre, Woonbedrijf and Stam + De Koning want to build two hundred social rental and owner-occupied houses.

Source: Bianca Clerx, ED.
The above images were used in coordination with the Municipality of Helmond

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