Housing market Elise Hees 27 januari 2022

How many new houses were built in Eindhoven last year?

Last year, fewer new homes were built in the Netherlands than in previous years. Last year, almost 12,000 new homes were built in North Brabant. This is shown by the figures from the CBS.

Eindhoven, next to Amsterdam, Utrecht and Almere, built the most houses in the past year. Eindhoven is over 1400 new-build homes richer, which means that the number of houses increased by 1.2%! Tilburg also saw a great deal of construction activity. There, almost 1400 new homes were added and this resulted in an increase in the number of homes of 1.4 percent.

Since May 2019, there has been an upward trend in new construction, but this is still lower than the numbers from 2017 and 2018. The locations where building is allowed remain limited and the stacking of conditions for building, such as spatial quality, parking and aesthetics, ensures that the new housing supply lags behind.

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Source: ED

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