Housing market

07-04-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Take advantage of your financial benefits
Are you curious about your financing options? In cooperation with Freek Hypotheek, we want to inform you about financial benefits that will help you make the most of the opportunities ...
20-03-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Building a better life: Too Field
Looking back on a day full of inspiration. We visited Van Wijnen's Housing Factory with various stakeholders from Eindhoven. As many as 101 homes will soon be built there, responding to the housing shortage in Eindhoven. This innovative new housing estate offers more living spaces ...
06-02-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Housing event vb&t Makelaars x Holland Expat Center
Would you like start renting or buying a property in the Helmond, Eindhoven or Den Bosch area? Visit the Housing Event for expats and interested parties on 8 March from 6 till 8 PM.
27-09-2022 Yvanka Sharma
De Zwaaikom 100% verhuurd!
Wij hebben goed nieuws, want De Zwaaikom in Oosterhout is 100% verhuurd!
14-09-2022 Yvanka Sharma
Verhuur The Minister te Rijswijk gestart!
Wil jij wonen in een schitterende moderne woontoren in Rijswijk met alles om de hoek en Den Haag dichtbij? The Minister opent zijn deuren voor iedereen die een volgende stap in zijn leven wil zetten.
06-09-2022 Yvanka Sharma
The flats of De Lodewijk and De Willem will be delivered to the new tenants on 21, 22 and 23 September. We wish everyone a successful move and a lot of living pleasure!
18-05-2022 Yvanka Sharma
Last Saturday we welcomed the new tenants of the De Mark building to take a first look at their newly built rental apartment.
16-03-2022 Yvanka Sharma
The Bunker Tower and Hartje Brandevoort 100% sold
The Bunker Tower and Hartje Brandevoort 100% sold
22-02-2022 Elise Hees
Mortgage rates skyrocket: where does it end?
Since 2021, the most popular 20-year fixed-rate period has already gained 0.45 percentage points. Where will this end?
27-01-2022 Elise Hees
How many new houses were built in Eindhoven last year?
Eindhoven has more than 1400 new-build homes, which increased the number of dwellings by 1.2%!
25-01-2022 Elise Hees
Wiser by the WOZ: "Sometimes mortgage interest can be 0.6% lower"'.
These days, the first WOZ assessments are in the mail again. Homeowners should expect that this year their house will be assessed 9% higher on average by the municipality.
21-12-2021 Rik Feijen
09-12-2021 Elise Hees
Do you want to sell your house? Read the do's and dont's for the perfect pictures here!
Check these do's and don'ts before the photographer arrives and who knows, your house might be sold in no time by the perfect photos.
17-11-2021 Elise Hees
Do you want to sell your house yourself? We have some tips for you!
Do you want to sell your house? You can save money by selling the house yourself, but how do you go about it?
06-10-2021 Rik Feijen
New building projects in Eindhoven
In this article, we describe a few new-build projects in Eindhoven where you could find a super nice home. If you want to know more about new construction projects in Eindhoven, please read on.
28-07-2021 Rik Feijen
Houses for sale in Veldhoven
Would you like to know if there are any nice houses for sale in Veldhoven?
31-03-2021 Rik Feijen
08-03-2021 Karla Wester
De Bakermat in Eindhoven: new project for our new building portfolio!
New project for our new building portfolio in Eindhoven: Renting in De Bakermat
09-02-2021 Karla Wester
Hooghe Heer in Meerhoven: 16 February on sale!
Hooghe Heer is located in the district Meerrijk in the heart of Meerhoven. From February 16 the sale starts!
01-01-2021 Rik Feijen
No transfer tax for starters in 2021
But how can it be done and what about in the following years? Read on and find out what is possible.
09-12-2020 Bart Pype
Name change vb&t makelaardij
As of January 2021, we will continue under our own steam under the familiar and trusted name of vb&t Real Estate Agents.
09-11-2020 Bart Pype
Rudy Welbergen, your real estate agent in 's-Hertogenbosch
Do you want to sell your house in the area of 's-Hertogenbosch?
08-07-2020 Rik Feijen
08-07-2020 Rik Feijen
08-07-2020 Rik Feijen
19-05-2020 Rik Feijen

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