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In publicity: De Manderij

After 30 years, housing and a supermarket will be built at the site of vegetable shop Bertje Manders in Stiphout after all.

The plans for De Manderij date back to 1993. The project was conceived by the six children of greengrocer Bert Manders. Due to objections, lawsuits, changes in plans and other reasons, after 30 years, a brick has still not been laid. Toine Manders, MEP and one of the children, is delighted that there will finally be yarn on the bobbin. We have been working on it for so long. I do want to see that something is going to happen."

Appartments and townhouses

Homes will soon go on sale. At a square on Dorpsstraat, where Bertje Manders' greengrocer's shop stood until March 2021, there will be a building with a supermarket on the ground floor and 18 flats above it spread over three storeys. The car park will accommodate 66 cars. At the back, near De Boogaard, there will be seven town houses with an office or business space. These residents will get a parking garage with entrance at De Boogaard.

Excellent residential location

The Manders siblings can in principle move quickly because they have had a permit in their pocket since 2016. They would now have preferred to build a slightly smaller and more affordable plan, but this has been met with objections.

Last month, the Council of State ruled that the slimmed-down building plan cannot go ahead. Therefore, the original drawings, with a few hundred square metres more supermarket at the Dorpsstraat as well as seven houses at De Boogaard with underground parking, have now been pulled out again.

There is no agreement yet with a supermarket that will settle in De Manderij. But that will come good, is Manders' firm conviction. It will be the second super on the Dorpsstraat after the Jumbo. ,,We are in talks. The finishing touches still need to be added. The location is good. Every supermarket wants to be there," he says confidently.

New Stiphout

,,We also just have to get on with it. You can no longer sit and wait for each other," Manders continues. ,,A lot has already happened in the street. Unfortunately not with us, because there were objections. We want to make a nice plan for Stiphout. It is disappointing that you get so much resistance from people in the area."

Manders does not want to waste many words on the past. "Positively into the future with something decent for Stiphout."

Next week a building sign with pictures of the new building will be placed on the plot on Dorpsstraat. vb&t Brokers expects many people to be interested. "The flats are interesting for older people from Stiphout who want to live smaller," Manders said.

He hopes contractor Van Gerven from Mierlo can start construction before the end of the year. Around October 2024, De Manderij then it will be ready.

Impression of the seven homes in the De Manderij plan in Stiphout | vb&t Estate Agents
Design: Mare Architecture & Advice. Toine Manders, Developer De Manderij in Stiphout.

Source: ED | Bianca Clerx.

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