News Elise Hees 19 mei 2022

Our department vb&t Nieuwbouw Makelaars has grown!

Nice to take a moment to reflect!

In the past four years, our department vb&t Nieuwbouwmakelaars has grown from 3 employees to 10 employees. With a committed and enthusiastic team, we have been able to support many projects, both regionally and nationally! With our new sustainable electric cars, distance is no problem at all!

Are you interested in a new home? And would you like to be well-informed about all the things that are important around a new house? We will take the time for you and keep you informed during the purchase process. We will plan several contact moments with you, so that all steps are clear and you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises.

Do you also want to receive the best service during perhaps the most important step in your life? Then give vb&t New estate agents a call! We are here for you!

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Our customers rate us 9 out of 10!

Bij vb&t Makelaars staan jouw wensen altijd voorop. Daarom worden we door onze klanten beoordeeld met een 9,1 Benieuwd waarom? Bekijk de beoordelingen.


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