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Review of special encounters during Neighbourhood Watch Winter Edition

Sunday 4 February was Gluren bij de Buren Helmond. We are proud of the collaboration with Stichting de Bühne, because together we were able to make this edition a real success.... At 45 locations in Helmond, local amateur artists showed what they have to offer. Cosy encounters and performing arts made for a very successful day!

Estate agent signs: "Are you moving?!"

To get visitors' attention in the run-up to the event, estate agent signs from vb&t Estate Agents were hung on the windows of participating venues announcing that the respective living room was participating!

We received surprised reactions like: ''Huh, are you moving?!", soon gave way to smiles and people felt immediately welcome. This made for special encounters, with people coming together to enjoy musical performances. Now not only the participants, but also the neighbourhood know where they can walk in once they have moving plans. In fact, we help with the purchase of a dream home, as well as taking valuations and actually selling it successfully.

Atmosphere impression Gluren bij de Buren

Visitors could walk or cycle to various performances. Besides private living rooms, care locations, community centres and even a hotel turned into temporary theatres. For instance, several bands even performed in the cosy restaurant of Fletcher Wellness Hotel Helmond. Kleinkunst with violins among the plants, beautiful songs on an old guitar, self-written songs in Brabant dialect, everything came along!

Gathering in 45 living rooms

Our photographers captured the meetings and performances at various locations. This gives a nice impression of the special winter edition of Gluren bij de Buren in Helmond. In addition, we would like to thank The Talentbox, which ensured cooperation between local and national parties, including Fletcher Hotel Helmond, Buurtzorg and Philadelphia Zorg.

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