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The NVM Open Houses Day: which houses will you visit?

This Saturday (1 April) is the day: The NVM Open Houses Day!

On this special day, you can go and view participating houses in your desired region without an appointment. Even the Helmond branch of vb&t Makelaars will be open this day to tell you all about the new-build projects from 11:00 to 13:00, including Woon Hazenwinkel II. In any case, the brochures will be ready for you to get a good idea.

For this, visit steenweg 18a in Helmond.

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Vendors are ready

Thanks to our participating sellers, you can take a look at the house you have had your eye on for a while between 11:00 and 15:00. Our estate agents have distributed Open House Day packages to our participating sellers.

The participating homes you can easily walk into on 1 April. They are extremely excited to step into the role of our estate agents. This time, they will personally show you around their homes. This will also give you a personal feeling during your viewing and you will experience how much care has been taken over the years.

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With guidance from vb&t Makelaars

In these packages, they will find a package to bake their own apple pie. Our vb&t estate agents have provided our buyers with some tips and tricks so they can show you around properly. It comes with an accompanying letter, so they don't forget to show you a single spot in their house.

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Capturing a moment on our camera

We ourselves went out to capture these fun moments with our sellers on camera. Let's face it, the happy faces are allowed to be photographed once too. May they welcome you with these happy faces this Saturday 1 April?

Here are all the benefits

  • Advantages of the Open House Day

  • Visit all the houses you want on one day

  • No need to make a viewing appointment

  • You are free to come and go as you please

  • This applies to Saturday 1 April between 11:00 and 15:00 only

  • Ask all you want

  • About vb&t estate agents

All our advisers have been in the real estate business for years and know exactly how beneficial it is to buy a house now. For this, you can make use of our purchase scheme when you need more support and personal advice during your search for the suitable home.

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Financial questions?

Vb&t Estate Agents can refer you for suitable mortgage advice to Freek Hypotheek, so you can get answers to all your financial questions. Feel free to knock on our door so we can introduce you to our personal service from A to Z.

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