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Timeless trends: classic design in a modern look for the bathroom

One of the rooms in the house we prefer to remodel ourselves as soon as possible is the bathroom. After all, it is one of the rooms in the house where you can very well reflect your own taste.

Whether it is the style of the sanitaryware or the colour of the tiles. But always try to create a timeless atmosphere, so that the bathroom will still be exactly as you want it after many years of use.

A classic design in a modern look is then definitely worth considering. How to best realise this style in your home is described in this blog.

This is how you recognise a bathroom in a classic design, but with a modern twist

There are plenty of ways to reflect classic elements in the bathroom. Think about the print of the tiles, the decorative elements of a toilet or a beautiful freestanding bathtub on legs. By investing in new plumbing, you do enjoy a crazy and sleek overall look.

To make sure it doesn't get too busy, it is wise to invest in sanitary ware in the same colour or from the same collection. This also saves you a lot of research.

You can add a very personal touch by choosing your own tiles

Tiles largely determine the classic style with a modern twist. But you can also very well reflect your own taste and style. Think about the colour of the tiles on the wall or the print on the floor.

By visiting a bathroom shop for that, you will have more than enough time to find the optimal design. Are you already well aware of what kind of style or colour you want to apply for the tiles?

Put together the design of your dreams with a specialist from a bathroom store

Picking out a new bathroom can sometimes be a tricky task. Maybe you can't quite picture the overall picture yet. Or you doubt what kind of style is best suited to your own bathroom. A specialist from a bathroom shop is only too happy to help you and always thinks along with you. Isn't that convenient?

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