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What does transfer tax for starters mean?

A pleasant measure that helps first-time homebuyers finance a house. Transfer tax is a tax to be paid when buying property with the aim of reducing financial burdens.

This significantly lowers the threshold for buying your first home. Do you experience this threshold as very high? If so, don't hesitate to request a free purchase counselling interview with us immediately.

This exemption aims to ease the financial burden for first-time buyers. This scheme was introduced in the Netherlands to facilitate access to the housing market and thus lower the threshold for buying a first home.

Transfer tax: which way does it apply?

You pay transfer tax in the Netherlands when you purchase an existing home. This is 2% of the purchase value of the property. So you do not pay this tax on new builds. Are you curious about our new construction projects? Then take a look at our housing offer.

Attention starters

You are the one who does not have to pay transfer tax when buying an existing house, but when do you belong to a starter in the current housing market?

This exemption applies in 2024 for a property with a purchase price of up to 510,000. What if one of the starters is older than 35? Then only the one over 35 will pay 2% on half the value of the purchase price.

Suppose you currently own a house for sale, how do you do this? If you are not yet 35 years old and have not used the aforementioned exemption before, you can still use it once as a transferee.

Starter exemption

In that case, you need a Starters' exemption certificate from the Tax Administration. Take this form with you to the notary. The notary will then add this statement to the deed of transfer.

Would you like more information about this exemption? If so, we will put you in touch with our mortgage partner.

Summary of conditions for the starter exemption

  • You are between 18 and 35 years old at the time of the house purchase.

  • The home must become your main residence.

  • You must not have used the exemption before.

  • You must complete a declaration for the Inland Revenue to claim the exemption.

  • The assessed value in the validated valuation report must not exceed the house value limit.

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